Polar Patios @ Blizzard Beach

A couple of questions that I could use help on for Blizzard Beach in regards to the Polar Patios. Might be opinion based, and that’s fine. Going July 10th (give or take a day), 2021.

  1. Are they even going to be worth it? I like the idea of guaranteed seating, and the other perks. But, are there going to be plenty of chairs available now anyway due to reduced capacity? Maybe I don’t need to spend the money to make sure we get seats.

  2. Does having a patio reservation guarantee admission to the park? I will have valid park admission. My question is, if they hit capacity and I am not there quite yet, will we still be able to get in?

Thanks for anything you can give me on this. Have been to WDW multiple times, but never Blizzard Beach. I want to make the most of it while we are there.

I can’t answer those questions but I am a spoiled brat and always get one at water parks. So I’ve booked one Jun 8th and can update you on my experience after. I love having someone bring me food and drinks and a quieter place to rest while the teens keep going. So for me it’s a no brainer even if there are plenty of seats. But I would think it depends on your personality and what you deem worth it.


I like them for having a home base to keep my stuff, for the water, for the shade, and for the service. I have never done one of the water parks without one, but I’ve always invited local friends if my party wasn’t the full 6 people.

Edit: full disclosure, I’m also sometimes kind of a princess when it comes to extras on vacation.


I feel seen right now.
My everyday life is stressful and hectic. When I’m vacationing I do not want to eat poptarts in my room, I do not want to decline mousekeeping for a gift card, I want ALLLL the pampering and luxury I can afford. :heart:


We just went to BB for the first time last Thursday and were all stressed about this issue too. I didn’t initially try to get a patio because we had a group of 7 and I read there was max of 6. On the day of I read somewhere that you could add on extra person for $25. Regardless, we got there and there were none available. There was one umbrella available (Max 4 people) but not two so we passed. Thankfully, because it turns out they are not in a very convenient location. We had a lot of chaos going on in our group (ended up split for buses, one person got in line for patio/umbrellas and I trying to figure out free seating possibility), but I ended up getting in a line of people who looked like they knew what they were doing. And it turned out, there were lots of first-come first-served shelters with chairs available.

Gates opened prior to park opening and people lined up in the area I shaded green. Shortly before the posted opening time, they allowed the line to proceed. The area I circled in red has many wooden shelters with chairs beneath, free for the taking. You can see them on the map. There are some in other areas too but that’s where we went. You just have to be there early to get one. There were also many shady areas with chairs around the park, some in secluded nooks that no one had taken even midday. So long story short, unless you want to feel pampered, there is no need to stress about paying extra to get a shady place to sit. Maybe it’s worse during more crowded times, but this was spring break.


We always get a cabana at every water park, TL, BB or VB. So worth it to splurge during all vacations. Welcome food plates, all the water and towels you need. Someone to bring you drinks, lunch, ice cream, etc. I’m in heaven every time we go!!!

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Thanks for the input everybody. I will keep following for any updates. I am also going to keep my fingers crossed that Typhoon Lagoon will open up by July. Then we can get both water parks in while we are there. I have also never done WDW in July, so being from Western NY, I am looking forward to taking advantage of some time in the water to keep cool.

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I’m hoping the same thing for my May - June trip (I prefer TL and I’m only doing one water park day and TL has a new ride I’ve never experienced) but I think I’m running out of time for my dream to come true!

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What is the cost of the polar patios? I did not see it on the website. I was considering getting one for my May trip.

It was a few hundred dollars I think. Around $300ish. Let me go check my credit card statement. BRB

$362.10 for Jun 8
(it might vary depending on the day and number of people in the party if you go over the upper limit for the base amount)