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First time for my 11yo daughter and I. Some time with Gma too. Any recommendations for adjustments?
8 days and I’m feeling excitingly nervous. Nervously excited? oh boy
DisneyItinerary WITH TP - Schedule.pdf (97.9 KB)

My main question is: do you really want to watch the Fireworks for 4th of July on 4th of July? I can guarantee you, it will be ATROCIOUS. Like, the worst fireworks crowd (after NYE).

Edit: And if you want to watch them, you will need to find a spot early. VERY early.

Agreed, the crowds are insanity for Independence Day.

Counter point: There are only 2 days a year you can see the 4th of July FW show (4th and 5th, if they still do that encore performance).

I was THERE! On the 5th and we missed it – kids were exhausted. I saw part of it from the monorail as we were leaving. My heart cried silent tears. :-/ #sacrifices

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The 4th of July fireworks are amazing. It is up to you.

Are you planning dinner at Beaches and Cream? I love your 2nd day- perfection!

The encore performance (or the extra one) is usually less crowded, but it is still madness.

At DLR, people starts saving their spots at 4pm. For 9:30pm fireworks. We left before them last year.

The 4th of July fireworks are on the 3rd and 4th.


I’m ok with being completely unprepared for the amount of insanity and will try to roll with what comes. I was thinking the 3rd was the better insanity option. Hahahah


I grew up going to punk shows, I can get through a crowd!


Totally just saw that you put it on the 3rd. Yes, that is the best way to see the fireworks! But I would probably not plan on doing a lot of things between Beaches and Cream and the fireworks. Everyone will be heading back to MK for the fireworks and the attendance will be monstrous! If you just want to be in the parks, great, walk around! But anywhere in front of the castle will be something… different. And I would plan on riding lots of rides after the fireworks to let the crowds diminished…

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I think we’ll just roll ourselves out that day oozing cream!

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Yeah I’m not really into the idea of camping. I do not have any specific spots knowledge under my belt either.

Oh I agree. There are no fireworks that can make me stand in the middle of nowhere for hours just to watch salts burn in the sky. I think those fireworks will be beautiful, wherever you see them, but other people will have similar plans…

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I was planning to head out of park super early that day. Utilize fast passes and try for a mid stay veg out. We’re staying at Swan so I think that’s walkable to Beaches?

Totally walkable. And then you can take the bus from BC to MK.

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What?! This is our vacation! Don’t they know how much sleep I’ve lost looking at disney foodie photos!

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