Points room + cash room

I am a new DVC owner, yet to stay on my own points, so I am definitely still learning so much. My “welcome home” trip turned out to be difficult because of the timing of everything–this is the second week of Dec–so I have basically been on my own. Anyway, I currently have a stay booked for two nights at Riviera and a third night at GFV. I have a wait list for the last night at Riviera, and I’m hoping that will come through so I don’t have to do a split stay. I have been stalking for weeks, if not months, and as you are probably aware, Dec. is very tight. It seems so unlikley that the wait list would come through–though if I understand, perhaps that would be most likely around 30 days out?

Turns out I can also book a cash night for that last night at Riviera (same type of room). If I do that, would I be able to link the points reservation up with the cash night and not have to change rooms? Is there a reason I’m not thinking of why that would be a bad idea? It’s a preferred view room, and we are talking 4 adults so it is $$$ to book that cash night, even with my AP discount (interjecting to note that the surcharge for 2 extra adults is HUGE for this one night). Disney would keep all my $$$ for now to make the booking, though, it would be refundable if the wait list came through. I might rather just do a split stay than pay that cash night, but that’s a subjective determination, of course.

Anyway, just thinking through options, and I would love any expert opinions.

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Welcome to DVC.
I have been in your situation several times. What I do(and YMMV) is I book the Rivera for first 2 night. Take the cash room for the 3rd night(you have till 7days before for the waitlist and can cancel the cash without penalty). Waitlist the 1night at Riveria you need. You can not link the cash and DVC intime for your dining so that is the negative- unless your WL comes thru. You can bank points if you end up using the cash night. You can even call up daily from the 7-1 days to see if DVC has a room released-but I forget the cancel without penaty for the cash room.

They can’t be linked. Which means they will be two separate reservations with 2 ADR windows etc.

But assuming they are the same room type and category, you can ask Member Services to note on both that you have a continuing stay and give the respective reservation numbers.

Then when you arrive, before going to the room go to the front desk and ask if you can stay in the same room. They will do so if they can. You’ll still have to check out and check in, but not move luggage.

It isn’t guaranteed. We are 50/50 on two such stays.

waitlists are amazing, the system automatically grabs it for you. No stalking necessary. Good luck!

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Thanks, everyone. From your experiences and insights, it seems like maybe I won’t book the cash room. It’s not worth the risk to me to pay that astronomical price for the room without strong odds that I wouldn’t have to change rooms. If I have to change, I might as well pack up and go to GFV. Still hoping the wait list comes through!

And I’m not so worried about the ADRs–but thanks for pointing that out. This trip is with my sisters. . . who prefer to mobile order $8 kids meals than pay for a sit down meal. :laughing:

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