Points allocation

I have 10 banked points that I need to use and a SW companion pass for the rest of 2021 so I’m looking for a single night in a studio in Nov/Dec which is a lot harder than I thought it would be! I’m 100% flexible on dates within like a 5 week range so I’ll gladly take whatever I can find and have all summer to stalk the availability tool. I have two waitlists running for Thursday nights at BWV which is our top choice. I (much moreso than DH) would also be very happy with CCV or BRV.

I assume I’m likely to find nights at SSR or OKW first. If I book one of these (with the banked points) just to have a room and then my waitlist does come through, could I have MS reallocate the points to make sure that the banked points get used? Or if I find something “better” than that room, can I just modify or do I have to cancel and rebook (thus chancing losing both)? Or can I just book quickly and worry about the points afterwards. Thank you!

If I have two contracts, is there a rhyme/reason to which one the waitlist will pull from?

If you book a studio now using those points then yes they can be reallocated later if necessary.

What have you asked for the wait list to do? You could try calling / chat with MS and ask if they can change the waitlist to replace the studio without it changing the position on the waitlist. If they can that would be easiest.

If they can’t do that then once the waitlist comes through you could cancel the studio and then modify the waitlist to use the studio points. Or ask MS to do that for you.

You can modify anything about a reservation. I modified our Christmas 2021 BLT 2-bed for an Easter 2022 BLT 2-bed. No risk of losing the original until you confirm the new one.

If you have two contracts then you need to select which contract to use points from and it will use them in the order:
Transferred including OTUP

Not sure what happens if you select both though or if the waitlist fills without replacing an existing reservation.

And to clarify for anyone else, this is all for a reservation within 7 months, therefore there is no extra consideration of home resort priority in play required.

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Thank you! So I was JUST able to snag Dec 12 at BLT! Hopefully they will be doing a Christmas bash on Sunday nights and we can stroll home that evening. I kind of like this solution more than BWV!

I just looked at my existing waitlists and I guess they are setup against my SSR points and I can’t seem to modify it. I just created it yesterday so I’ll probably just start over. I think I know where I went wrong with that. I created the waitlist before I had anything actually booked so it never asked me if I wanted to cancel the existing meeting.

Thank you for your deep knowledge as always!