Point me to the shopping!

(Similar to my “Point me to the food!!” post)
I am looking for a comprehensive list of every store, shop and cart in all the Disney World parks, with photos, if possible. I’m the only person in my party that actually enjoys browsing and shopping and I’ll also have 2 little ones with me so time is an issue. So I would love to sort of virtually peruse the shops online and then make a list of any stores I want to explore more or stop at.

TouringPlans did a “Shopping Around the World” Epcot blog series and it was awesome. I believe they did the same for Galaxy’s Edge. But I can’t seem to find any for the other parks. I can find list of stores, but I’m looking more for something a little more extensive.


Oh my.

There are so many shops…

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haha I know. I’m finding the best approach is to just find a list of them all online and then maybe watch a youtube video walk through. I know it sounds tedious, but it will help with planning and I won’t need to drag my kids through stores.

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I know timtracker did a YouTube vlog of Disney springs stores, I haven’t watched them yet but I really love their videos, very entertaining and informative.

I’ve just read the OP about 5 times trying to work out why you posted that video. It finally clicked!


It was always one of our favorite songs when my kids were little. Which, gosh, was so very long ago already. We used to listen to the Kids Place Live! morning radio show on Sirius XM and that one would play many mornings. We still shout it when we are making a big breakfast. “Do you want toast?” and the reply is “YEAH TOAST!”

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