POFrench Quarter

French Quarter - enjoyed the resort very much!! We were in bldg 7 which is located at the Riverside end so we were a 10 minute walk to the sister resort. Landscaping is very nice and well maintained. I was pleased the resort was so quiet although the jet-like sound of toilets flushing was loud!! Excellent staff, too!


So glad you liked it @Wingsmom. We stayed there last year in June and are returning this December. I do remember those loud toilets, lol. I agree the grounds are beautiful. We went to New Orleans this past May and my DDs said, “wow, Jackson Square looks just like POFQ!” We never walked over to a Riverside but maybe this trip we will.

Glad to hear it, Wingsmom!

Would you mind finding and reviewing your room on our map? It’ll help other families know where to stay. Here’s the link to Building 7.

I didn’t realize we could add comments for others. I always forget to take a picture but I will go back and tag all of the rooms we have had at the various resorts.

Len, did not realize we could do this! Will review

@Wingsmom, what was your experience like with the transportation? Have you ever stayed at a value resort, and if so, how would you compare it? Worth the extra coin? We have toyed with staying there but go back and forth because of the money. We usually stay at Pop.

Glad you had a good experience.

@aj25aj25, I would like to know @Wingsmom experience as well but I can share mine. We’ve stayed mostly in Values: Sports, Music and Pop. We’ve also stayed at AKL and CR when budget allowed. Last June was our first experience with Moderate. We had always stayed away from mods as we didn’t think the $$ was worth it. Now that they are mostly featuring queen beds, they are an option. We were very pleasantly surprised in the difference in room size from value to mod. Also the double vanity is a life-saver with 4 in a room.

During our stay, POFQ shared buses a couple of times with Riverside, mostly during the day but not early in the morning. It really wasn’t that bad. The ride to MK was very short. POFQ seems very centrally located to all parks, except maybe AK. A CM was at the bus stop at POFQ communicating when the next bus would arrive. The bus stops are also covered so it’s a bit nicer than Pop. The food court is ok, there is a slide in the pool. We loved the overall size of the resort more than Pop. Hope this helps. Would like to know if @Wingsmom experience was different.

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Love mods for coffee maker in room.

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No, I have not stayed at a Value although I camped at FW 30 years ago. I think any family should make a list of what is important to them at WDW. If your priority is be sure you children have a nap midday, you want to consider the time you will be riding the bus back and forth to the parks and the resort. I read a list of a few resorts ranked by ease of bus travel in an Unofficial Tip in the 2015 edition of The Book. Maybe staff can find it; I tried a couple of places; no luck. If you plan to do a lot of swimming look for a resort with a good pool. In December, my mom and I stayed at the Poly for her 95th birthday. The monoline was very important to us because of her mobililty. This trip, the crowds were not heavy and I found myself wondering how the bus lines work when crowds are larger. Overall, we did not wait more than 15 min for a bus in the a.m. at FQ. Our longest wait was at the MK, around 6 pm for a return to FQ…more like 20. Hope this helps a little. By the way, I intend to try POP sometime. I hear many good things about it on this site.

@Moore. Thank you for input. Your comparisons were very useful. Did not think about the double sink for 4 - my kids are gown and out of the house now. This trip I was with Best Friend…a girls trip…doing what we wanted when we wanted and always watching for a good place to sit and people watch!! :smile:

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Yeah, that too!

I stayed at POFQ with my son in 2006. Loved the small size of the resort that made it easy to get to the main building and bus stop. It was August and we were in a building down by the boat dock. We found we could walk near the buildings and skirt from building to building only getting wet when we had to cross the walkways. We were there over Labor Day. I enjoyed the beignets. My son and I split an order of jambalaya and it is half the price of the meal over at POR. They also have one of my favorite drinks, the Hurricane.

@MooreDisneyPlease, thanks for the input. Pop is kinda our go to and it has always been very comfortable for us but we don’t spend a lot of time in the room. Transportation is important to us because we always go for rope drop and try to be at the very front. If the bus stops multiple times, or worse if the travel time is unpredictable, that would be a big deal to is. But given what you’re saying about French Quarter I think it may be our go to whenever we decide to try a moderate. The queen bed would also be great because I’m 6’4", 245. My wife would probably appreciate a little more room than the standards afford us at Pop!

You had me at beignets but they have hurricanes too? I haven’t had one for several years. I may just indulge myself.

Does French Quarter / Riverside have ferry service to the Magic Kingdom?

No, the boat can take you to downtown Disney but MK is not on that waterway.

Thank you. Kinda disappointing (was looking forward to a daily ferry ride) but good to know!

The boat go to DTD. When I was at POFQ the bus first the POR. I was there in Labor day. It was less crowds then.