POFQ Building 5

I can see that building 5 is at the back of the resort, near the pool, but does anyone have an idea how far from the transportation it is (walking time)? We currently requested building 4, since it’s a bit closer, but I’m wondering if it would be better for us to have a pool view since we have kids with us, but I don’t want to have a 20 minute walk every morning to get to the bus.

None of the buildings at POFQ are more than a five minute walk from anything. Very small sized resort - we love it!


We were in building five our last trip and it was great. I was worried because it looked further away but it actually ended up being fine. It might be a five minute walk to the lobby and food court if that.

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We were near the boat on the river. After staying at other resorts it didn’t seem far. It was also convenient for the boat to DS.

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You can walk to Riverside in less than 20 minutes! It’s a really really small resort. As others have said, it will be about 5 minutes walk.

Personally though, I wouldn’t bother about a view. You haven’t got a balcony to sit out and enjoy it. Also, the pool is open till 11pm so could be noisy when your kids are trying to sleep.

We had building 5 around the corner facing the river. It’s a short walk to the buses - very convenient location as close to the pool, QS & buses. I enjoyed the river view walking out of my room, but it is correct that it’s not quite the same as a room with a balcony that you can enjoy the view with some privacy.

Around the corner, we had no pool noise issues. Overall the rooms at POFQ have pretty good sound proofing since they open to the outside and need to be weather proofed. If facing the pool, maybe you’d get some, but I doubt it would be very bad noise wise…

I wanted to update – we just left POFQ, having been given a room in Building 5 facing the river. We were able to walk directly through the center of Building 4 to the bus stop and were right on the path to POR and the boat to DS. Loved our room and location, found the Liner note of @butternutmomma and would absolutely request the same room in the future.


Which room was it, out of interest?

last Dec, I walked to the furthest point in the back of the resort and timed how long it took to get to the lobby. Walking at a speed on the slower side of moderate, I made it in less than 4 minutes. I could have done it in much less time if I REALLY needed to get there faster. For this reason, we have decided this is our next resort stay :slight_smile:


We ended up requesting building 4. I wanted to be close to the parking lot (our car) and the lobby. But mainly, I realized that we got the basic category room and the pool rooms were an upgrade.

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We requested Building 4 as well, since we’re getting Standard View rooms. We put in for the central part of the building, which is set back further from the parking lot and has more landscaping between the building and the parking lot.

We had room 4318, it was a great location.

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I requested 4312 and I’m REALLY hoping we get it.

Anywhere around there is great. Fingers crossed!

@WDWRDpro that is awesome! I believe I left that one last April when I was there for the Star Wars Half Marathon weekend! Loved that room location!

Sorry, just seeing this! It was room 5323.