Podcast the Ride - CityWalk Saga


I’ve been listening to a comedy podcast since 2018 called Podcast the Ride. It’s 3 improve actors / comedians / show creators that use their love of themed attractions as a basis for larger discussions & fun

You will not find any “news” here. However, you’ll get big name actors, Imagineers and other podcast hosts you may know.

In 2018 the did “The CityWalk Saga” a 19-part daily series reviewing ALL the shops & attractions at CItyWalk Hollywood. You might ask “Why???”… well… The did it to free the soul of a little boy who died due to playing in the fountains & got a staph infection! :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

They later went on to do the “Downtown Disney Ordeal” once again helping our little friend…

After nearly 4+ years of waiting & promises they are doing CityWalk Orlando…

This may or may not be the “best” place to start a new podcast, but it’ll give you a good idea what these guys do. They are genuine “good boys” who love these places,

If interested here’s the link their show and to the new saga “CityWalk Orlando - The Malltaverse of Madness”

It’s my favorite podcast. If you really want a good entry point here’s the episode with @len


Thanks, ill give it a listen. New UOR podcast content is good to find! Most “scheduled” stuff these days is pretty recycled.

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I suggest going back into thier catalog and finding a Universal ride you like as a topic. They did good episodes on Spider-Man and E.T.

Just remember it’s a comedy podcast! They may go off on a tangent that’s totally unrelated to a theme park for 30+ minutes!!

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