Podcast predicts big changes to Hollywood Studio-thoughts?

Just listened to the newest edition of Touring Plans with Len Testa and Jim Hill. Pretty big changes seem to be coming to the Studios in the next few years. Listening to the podcast it made me wonder do I spend a day in a park that many say is in desperate need of updates or is this need only noticeable to the experts to remain competitive? With a three day park trip planned next month with one of those days at the Studios I am wondering if I should change my plan.

I think it really depends on what sorts of attractions you enjoy. My boys love the Muppets, Star Wars, Toy Story and Indiana Jones. For us, HS is worth it for those 4 things, and Fantasmic was just bonus awesomeness at the end. We didn't arrive until noon though.

I think it's one of the most important parks to have a personalized touring plan for. The attraction choices are very personal. The Rock n Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror appeal to teens and adults and the Disney Jr show us only interesting to preschoolers. Plus, many of the attractions are 30-45 minute shows so scheduling your day is more complicated than at the other parks.

I would read a bit about each option at HS and make a list of things you think you'll like. Then make a touring plan and see how much time you'll need. Some people can fill a whole day. Others can't.

DHS has always been an odd duck. Some fo the best attactions, ToT, RnR, Star Tours, TSMM, Muppets...but still the weakest park.


We love HS, if I had to skip a park it would be AK - I would never willingly miss RnRC! Or TOT or ST or the cupcakes at Starring Rolls for that matter.

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I love the thrill rides in DHS, but I agree the park is a bit strange.
It just doesn't have that flow between the different areas, and navigating the park is a nightmare.
However, I do love walking around in the areas in the back of the park, because there are hardly any people there (they probably couldn't find the way..). Like MM, so hidden, but that street is adorable.

I don't think you need a full day there though, unless you absolutely want to ride all the major attractions.

Yes yes and yes @missoverexcited

Just like @missoverexcited we could never miss ToT, RnR, Star Tours, or cupcakes at Starring Rolls. Hollywood Studios is my daughters fav park with ToT and RnR tied for her fav rides at WDW. Animation courtyard has one of our fav stores Animation Gallery. We like watching the animator draw. Magic of Disney Animation is always fun. Indiana Jones, Toy Story, Fantasmic makes Hollywood studios a can't miss park.

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I would hope so.. to me its the worst WDW park. But changes like people have been speculating would make it a top one again. While not a fan of "lands" a speculated Star Wars Land would be pretty awesome (in my mind) what Disney actually does is what we will have to wait for... or whatever they do.

Muppets. And more muppets. My kids love thrill rides and ST. And muppets. Didn't hear that podcast, though. Can someone outline big changes here? (Please say more Mupps. Please say more Mupps. Please say..)

Do you think AK has a better flow? Funny I know it has a lot of dead ends and After 10 trips I swear I do not know HS the way I know the other parks but I cannot stand to walk through AK, even though I love AK.

Be nice.. but I think thats it since Seaseme Street is used at other theme parks.

Wow... I really love AK. I mean ok, 10 years ago as a 29 year old punk it was lame and had only 2 rides. But in the past 5 years its become my favorite WDW park because it really is done very well. I love walking and getting lost in AK, so many picture options and the Animal part or Animal Kingdom really is nice.

As for flow, AK is very smartly laid out but confusing when you do not know it. Many paths are on the small side but there are multiple routes everywhere. HS seems to be .. race to this attraction.. race across park to this one.. and then to this other corner for ToT and RnR and then I feel like I am done.


I love AK too, I just realized last trip as people were physically pushing me, running into me, or blocking the pathway I kept saying to myself "I hate walking in this park". Combine that with the way it holds in the heat- meltdown!

@LuvMuppets - @bswan26 did a great overview of the highlights from the podcast. I'll link it. http://forum.touringplans.com/t/interesting-speculations-from-jim-hill/3773