Pod cast?

**I hear of people talking of pod cast often and although I do no use them I was wondering how they work and what are the different Disney podcast I can get and what I will find listening from one to another "
thank you **

You can listen to podcasts via your phone or ipad (some are also available online, but not all). If you are an iphone user, you should have an podcast icon on your screen. click into there, search for podcasts by title or subject, and then click on what you want to listen to. If you like something you hear you can subscribe to the podcast - then new episodes will drop into your “feed” as they become available. I’ll come back in a minute wiht some screen shots for you.

My favorite Disney ones are Dis Unplugged, Be Our Guest, Resort Loop, Backside of Magic, Two Men and the Mouse, Radio Harambe. I listen to a few others here and tehre but those are the ones I look forward to most.

This is where the podcast icon is on my phone

This is a closer look at the icon after I’ve clicked into the folder

This is the page you see that shows featured/popular podcasts

I clicked on the search button on the lower right of the screen and searched Disney. This is what came up

I decided I wanted to listen to an episode of WDWRadio (another good one by the way) and so I clicked on that icon. That opened this list of episodes

To listen, I just click on any one of those titles and voila! If I want to subscribe I can just click on the subscribe button in the top right of the screen.

Hope this helps! Enjoy!


@OBHNurseNH Did a nice job there… only thing I can add is that if you have an Android phone, I highly recommend the Beyondpod app.

Does a great job - there’s a free version where you have to manually tell it to download each podcast feed, but otherwise same functionality as paid version. (I think paid version is still about $5., one time payment.)


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Are any of these available on Spotify that anyone knows (or maybe I could just not be lazy and do some searches, hahahaha)

There are a ton of podcast portals… but I don’t think Spotify is one of them.

If you don’t have it already, SPOTIFY PREMIUM is totally worth it. Love, love, love it.

I do, and you’re absolutely right. Totally worth 10 bucks a month

thank you so much for taking the time

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I do have a droid

what would I be expecting to be listening to music ? info ?..

You probably have a similar option.

They are like talk radio for the most part.

All have different slants, and there are so many of them now.

You can find podcasts that focus on up to date parks questions and/or new attractions, others that focus on Disney history, at least one that is just stereo sound recordings of going through the parks.

You can listen to most in a web browser too if you want to get a feel… Some are talky-talky or long or very topic focused, but there’s definitely something for everyone.

If there are other non-Disney topics you are interested too, there are so many really good podcasts on every topic imaginable these days.

Here are some links to Disney themed ones:


http://wdwparkhopper.com/blog/ (<-This one is the ambient sound, walk-through the park one. Headphones are good idea.)


thank you
very much

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