Pluto Popcorn Bucket

My friends are at Disney World now. They are trying to find a Pluto Popcorn Bucket for me. They were at the MVMCP tonight and never found one. I’m hoping it wasn’t just a party item. Does anyone know where they can be found?

They are not just a MVMCP item - they are supposed to be available for purchase at multiple MK locations & I think other parks too. But I’ve read they are very popular and are getting bought up quickly, as well as people buying them to resell on Ebay, ugh. They are super cute so I’d expect them to be popular, but it stinks that people are grabbing them to resell at a profit.

I would love to have one of these for my DD22. She’s been a huge Pluto fan since she was little, and has collected almost everything with him on it. However, I refuse to overpay on Ebay. :slightly_frowning_face:

I have personally never seen them but I would check Disney Springs as they have a store that has everything Disney as long as it is not outdated.

Thanks everyone. I am now the lucky owner (if my friends really do give them up to me) of two Pluto Popcorn Buckets. Sleep really is a miracle worker. They had them at Magic Kingdom this morning. I only have one day of input, but maybe the key to getting one is not waiting until the evening.


I can get you one at Disneyland in 2 weeks if they still have them.


How sweet of you!! If you find one, I would love it! I’ll gladly pay for it and shipping charges.


My DD purchased one for a friend of mine last week. Well of course I kept seeing them and decided I wanted one too. She bought mine yesterday afternoon no problem.

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