Plus sized @ UOR

I know that people post these threads all the time, but I’ve read them all and am still mildly anxious about this :sweat_smile:

My husband and I are both fluffy, I’m a size 20, he’s about 315 pounds. We’re working on this, but our trip is in 3 weeks so it’s not like that’s going to change dramatically before we get there. I know that we aren’t going to make it on Forbidden Journey, but does anyone have experience with Gringotts? What about the other rides there? We would love to do MIB, Simpsons, Transformers, and Jurassic Park.

Also, has anyone had experiencing touring the line of Forbidden Journey? I’ve accepted that we aren’t going on the ride, but I really want to walk through the castle!

The only two I anticipate problems for you on is Hulk and Rip Ride Rocket…you might be able to ride in the designated “bigger seat” depending on distribution, but husband likely not unless taller. I don’t remember FJ being a problem from the size standpoint, more like the shaking you like a wet dog side…can’t handle that one without it messing me up for hrs. Walk thru the castle tho.

If it’s helpful–I traveled with two friends (one is size 20 and the other a 26). Both of them were able to ride Gringotts. My size 20 friend rode FJ without issue, but my other friend wasn’t able to (it was close though). No issues with MIB, Simpson, Transformers and Jurassic Park. Hulk was undergoing renovations when we were there. My size 20 friend rode Rip Rock It (my other friend was not even interested in that ride).

I may have totally misread the meaning of this, but please don’t apologise for who you are. It breaks my heart. Different people face different challenges in their lives and no-one has a right to judge.

As to the specifics, as others have said, many of the rides you’ve mentioned should be fine because you’re basically just sitting on a wide bench with no restraints. And taking the (self-guided) castle tour will absolutely be no problem. You should also ask to look inside the Gringott’s banking hall if you decide not to ride. They were happy for me to do this when I asked if I could go in just to take photos.


I believe the last time I went with my sister, which was in October, she was a size 20. She was able to go on Forbidden Journey, Gringotts, Hulk, Transformers and Jurassic Park. She did not want to ride the other rides you mentioned, so it’s not that she didn’t fit, simply that she didn’t try.

It is worth mentioning that many of the rides have a test seat outside the queue line, so you can actually sit in the seat and determine if you will have any issues riding, size-wise. Going by weight alone is hard to judge, since height matters, as does where you carry your weight, etc.

My wife was a size 24 for most of her adult life (she’s now a 12) and was often afraid to try rides, but I don’t recall her ever not being able to ride anything. (Note that we do amusement parks of all types yearly.) But I do know that the amount of stress she felt WORRYING about not fitting made it hard on her, nonetheless.

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So just as an update, we both fit on everything we tried including both Harry Potter rides! They were awesome and I was very glad to have a motion sickness patch haha


That’s fabulous you were able to ride both of them–such great rides. I don’t usually have issues with rides but did feel a bit nauseated after FJ.