Please Update Software to Show EA Times in Jan - 2018

Hi Touring Plans,

Universal (finally!) released their early admissions times for January 2018. Would you please program that into your Lines software? I’m trying to use EA on 1/3 and 1/5 in USF and the software won’t give me the option. I’m thinking your crowd calendar hasn’t been updated yet.

Thanks for helping me complete my planning!


Eric in MI

There is an email to use for this type of thing but I don’t have it handy. @Len should be able to get it to the right folks!

You can email Although it usually just takes a day or two for the updates to automatically happen.

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Thank you both! I’ve emailed Webmaster! I’m leaving for drive to Florida after tomorrow so that’s why I’m anxious for the updates to be done in time for me to set my plans tomorrow.

Appreciate your help!

This should happen automatically by morning. Thanks for the heads-up!