Please tell me there is a problem with the EMM for you story

Hi. I went to optimize for our May13th Hs day and we will be doing early morning magic. It went from showing a few times for slinky to 1 with a 45 minute wait… kinda freaking out. Anyone see this issue on a different day

Wait, can you clarify the question? Not sure what you’re asking.

I’m sorry for May 13 we have the ticketed early morning in toy story. Previously it was showing 5 minute waits and allowing slinky a few times. I just went to optimize and see what is different and it has slinky at a 45 minute wait ( at like 730ish) and then it shows two toy story mania rides in the time frame. So it made me super nervous that it went from 5 minute waits to 45 for the event. I do have to the option for the event turned on

Hope that helps m

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Oh, I may be incorrect but I don’t think the TP really works for EMM. Either way, there will essentially be no lines in TSL during EMM so no TP is really necessary for that time frame. You should easily be able to ride TSM, ASS, and SDD several times each with minimal waits.


Other people were reporting issues with the MK EMM with TP optimizer telling them to wait until well after rope drop to do their first rides after EMM. It doesn’t make any sense. Don’t know if anyone else has any input.

But either way, you won’t be waiting 45 min for SDD during EMM :smile:

I haven’t been able to get it to work. I just look at past EMM dates and guesstimate the wait by that early.

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It worked previously for the past few months actually

What I did to get it work was to put a Dining Reservation for The Toy Story Lunchbox at 7:30 am for a duration of 1 minute to tell the system that you will be in Toy Story Land at opening for EMM. See if that helps.

Thanks! I just tried the suggestion and it didn’t help. It did add a slinky dog but it has 35 minute wait😩 maybe I can email and ask? Thanks for the suggestion

Just a thought, but why not just plan on knocking out all of TSL during EMM and not actually putting it into the touring plan. Then, just start drafting up a TP with all the things you plan to do from rope drop and later?

As I mentioned earlier, you really don’t need a TP during EMM, because 1) all three rides are literally next to each other with no walking time between them and 2) there will be no lines.


I was just typing the same thing. No real need for a tp for tsl emm.

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When we did EMM in early December we were seeing 10-15 minute SDD waits posted while there, and that seemed about right. Midway Mania and AS2 were walk-on throughout EMM.

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This is what I hope for previously it was saying 5 minute waits for slinky and maybe athensame for others but it’s now 45 and 35 and my heat sank🤪 hope it’s just a glitch!!! Thank you

Everything should be close to walk on, unless there are tech difficulties. The crappy thing is they might make you exit rides, walk the queue and reload for each ride. TSMM is especially cruddy because the walk is long. Politely ask if you can stay on if you’d like to. Those steps and minutes add up.

How I plan my day:
At about 8:30, start planning to hit RNR /TOT if you’d like to. At park rope drop, do both of those with no wait - you will more than likely be allowed a head start on the rope drop crowd, so you will walk on whichever you choose first. After those two, take a look at Star Tours if you’d like - you could probably fit that in before breakfast.
Breakfast - PIG OUT, and relax.

Plan your fp’s after EMM or hop to a diff park. You can do DHS shows/secondary attractions and hop to another park for fp’s. After breakfast, we might do something like - muppets/frozen/indy/Trooper march - hotel swim break, hop to diff park, or, no break, and just hop on a buss to a diff park. We generally plan an early night. Last time it was dhs EMM - hop to MK for FP’s, and then the early HDDR.


Wow that you for this! Super helpful!!! Hoping we have a magical morning … less then two weeks!!! Getting excited! Can’t wait to see my 4 year olds face

I wouldn’t worry too much about a TP for EMM. My only tip would be to do a ride before SDD unless you’re right at the front of the pack. We walked on to TSMM and then did SDD. I think we waited around 8-10 minutes that first ride, but for every subsequent ride the wait was shorter. Have fun!

Thank you! I have seen people say dona ride before but my first instinct( as well as everyone’s) is SDD but it totally makes sense to do a different ride as you say. Thanks for the tip! Trying to plan when to meet woody and buzz and Jessie. I’ve seen people talk of long lines and I’d hate to waste precious time

We didn’t do any of the meet and greets, but the line for Jessie and Woody seemed pretty long for the duration of EMM when we were there. I see you have a 4 year old; my youngest DD was just about 5 when we attended in February and she loved TSL! She was too timid for SDD, but she loved Aliens and TSMM. :blush:

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