Please share Amtrak experiences

Please share your experiences with Amtrak. I am retired and love Disney. My husband still works and would rather not do Disney (even though he takes me every 3 or 4 years.). I really don’t want to drive that far on my own, but was thinking about taking Amtrak from NC and doing a solo trip or a trip with one of my sons. What kind of transportation did you use to get to the parks if you have gone on Amtrak.

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We also did the auto train and are doing it again. It is wonderful! It only goes from DC area to Orlando though. We liked the sleeping quarters. I think they have that on other Amtrak trains, you just don’t get to have your car. Also at least for auto train it can be less $$$ than flying, especially during the off seasons. My only experience with Amtrak is the auto train but it was a great experience. Once we got on we could just relax, kids could go potty any time at all, you had showers available and could sleep for real. At least my family could…I was awake most of the night worrying about my Disney plans…it was odd however feeling “motion” all the next day after disembarking. You get a slight jostle at all times and your body gets used to it.

Auto train won’t work for her. It’s nonstop from Lorain, Va. to Sanford and vise-Versa. Have taken it many times. From NC maybe silver meteor or there is another east coast Amtrak.

The trains have coach, bedrooms of different sizes, and small bedrooms with a sink and commode. Maybe from NC the trip is short enough to go coach. Expect to feel gross after trip unless you use the shower

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I figured that, but thought that a lot of the features are probably the same. I think there are other trains with sleeper cars. Features might vary by train. Overall the train experience is fun. Not being stuck in plane or car seats and no stopping only for bathrooms were big pluses for us. I would imagine that even in the coach seats there would be places one could walk around to, lounges. We only had one or two spaces like that but my kids went to them over and over again. Just walking around for no reason was nice. When all 5 of us were crammed into our tiny room it was very close quarters however.

I understand the auto train does not work but it is an Amtrak train, right? This report is an experience not getting a sleeper car.

These pics were taken on the auto train 4 yrs ago. I know the train you take might be a lot different, but they give an idea: one of the many long hallways we enjoyed walking on, one of our windows with 2 seats facing each other, and one of the upper bunks (pic also shows the other bunk next to it).

I haven’t taken it to WDW, but I have been from Memphis to New Orleans. The private cabins were better than the open seating and not much more expensive. However, it took longer to ride the train than driving as the train made sooo many stops. Plus on the way home they were going so fast the train was rocking like it was going to tip over. I love thrill rides, but this scared the devil out of me. I’ll never ride another Amtrak again.

Did you see this article from USA today from this weekend about this very topic?

I have limited experience. I did the auto train (which I know won’t work for you but technically it’s still Amtrak) when we brought my DD down.
My mom who was turning 80 wanted to visit my DD for her birthday, and she doesn’t fly so I took her on Amtrak from Newark Penn Station in New Jersey.
I booked a roomette but since my mom had a transport wheel chair with her I had booked a handicapped accessible one. It wasn’t horrible, but I have to admit I drank a bottle of wine by myself just so I could sleep on that top bunk, not because it was uncomfortable but because it felt like the train was going so fast that I felt like I would fly off. My mom who was on the bottom bunk was totally fine.

I can’t help with transportation as DD’s boyfriend (at the time) picked us up. Another friend drove us back. I gave them money instead of hiring an Uber.

Thanks for the replies. I have done Amtrak from DC to Rocky Mount NC and loved it compared to driving. I may look into getting the sleeper car, but they seem about as expensive as flying. I was just thinking Amtrak would be easier than flying.


The sleeper cars have bedrooms which have commode/shower combos and smaller roomettes with sink and commode with showers in the lower level of the train. I think there are two trains that go to Florida. One is an hour quicker than the other.

Took one from DC to West Palm in November. Roomette a tight squeeze and I’m pretty small. I’m pretty sure it stopped in Orlando.

I can’t help but think that if you kept an eye out for deals that you could find a flight that would be the same price, maybe even cheaper than the train. You would also need to factor in the time (if you work), additional transportation costs, etc. to see it is really cheaper. Disregard this post if you have an issue with flying. DH would gladly pay double to stay off a plane!