Please Review my Epcot TP :)

Specifically the morning plan prior to Akershus. Does this seem possible with 8 year old girls? After Akershus I was planning on exploring WS for about 2 hours doing Agent P’s Adventures, no particular country in mind to visit. Do you think this is enough time? We really want to be back at the poly around 4-4:30 so we have time for nap/shower/dinner before Illuminations.

Also, for morning EMH at Epcot do they ever RD earlier than scheduled? Thank you!

Please edit your plan so we can see it :slight_smile:

I have it edited to be published… maybe this link?


I’m assuming that you have a specific reason for singling out Morocco and France as two of the few WS countries you plan on visiting. Walking all the way from Mexico to Mor/France, and then going all the way back into FW seems to be a lot of excessive walking. I would probably do the Land before I went out to the far side of WS.

I also see that you are going back-to-back with no breaks from RD to 3:45, and then you have a block of almost 4 hours of free time. Is this a “planned” break to leave the park for a rest/dinner? I LOVE IllumiNations, but making the trek back to the park for just that is probably more than I would do. I don’t take long breaks (especially at EP as there is SO much to do), but if I WAS going to take one, I would probably do it from 1:00 - 5:00; that would get me out of the park during the hottest/busiest hours, and would allow me to return to EP for dinner, see a few attractions, and then watch Illuminations.

Thank you for feedback! I was thinking our lunch at akershas would be nice break, then after that just wandering WS for a couple hours… No plan for that other than stop at agent p and let that guide us. I picked France and Morocco to see the princesses there if possible but not set on that. Maybe it will be better to do Land after lunch and then wander WS after that. Is Agent P exploration open and doable later at night? Like if we left after lunch and came back around 6 could we wander WS using agent p for a couple hours prior to illuminations?

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I think this might work! Basically from 7-9 we can wander WS, hopefully using Agent P’s exploration for the kids. I made a reservation at La Hacienda de San Angel at 8pm just in case but I think I would rather grab a quick bite to-go somewhere and watch illuminations outside. Thanks again for your feedback!

They just announced last week that Agent P now ends at 6 pm. That is confirmed on the WDW website for your date. The only thing I am not sure about is if the phones just have to be picked up by then, but will work into the evening, or if they need to be returned by then?

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What I’ve heard is that as long as you pick up your FONE by 6pm, you’ll be fine.