Please rank in order of difficulty to get - (i.e. what do I need to get first when trying for ADR?)

These are the reservations I am hoping for. Please help me prioritize them for ADR day (i.e. which one should I try first etc)…

180 - Sanaa Lunch 12 (Party of 4)

180+1 - Crystal Palace Bfast 1030am (Party of 6)

180+2 - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique MK 9am (Party of 3)
180+2 - Artist Point Dinner (Earlier 5 or 6 ish) (Party of 6)

180+3 - Garden Grill PPO 8am (Party of 4)

180+4 - Be our Guest Lunch 11am (Party of 6)
180+4 - Artist Point Dinner (Earlier 5 or 6ish) (Party of 6)

180+5 - Hollywood and Vine Breakfast 1030am (Party of 4-6)

180+6 - Sci Fi Diner Lunch 11:30am (Party of 4)

180+7 - Topolino’s Breakfast 10ish (Party of 4)

Thanks so much!!!

In general, anything in a park is a lot harder to get than anything outside of the park. Of these I think Artist Point dinner is the hardest to get, but I haven’t ever tried to get Topolino’s breakfast, as it is new since I went. Garden Grill at 8 am is hard to get.

I think AP for sure is the hardest meal on your list. I’d go for those first and then BBB since it’s earlier in your trip. Then your PPO GG, Sci-Fi and Topolino’s. Then the rest in order. Looks like a great list!! We love Sanaa!!! :yum:

I agree that I would start with Artist Point, then BBB. I think I personally would book Topolino’s next.

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I forgot my ADR day by one day and missed Artist Point for my entire 9 day trip when i remembered. Now I DID get it later with res finder, but it certainly wasn’t available for any day when I first looked. So I’d agree with others. :heart:

I would also put Sci Fi near the top of the list. It has been difficult to get and doesn’t come up on the res finder much.

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I think you have to call for BBB

You used to but I think they changed it to where you can make the res online. I know you can for the Pirates one.

Cool! I haven’t had to make one in a while. That’s good to know!

I wouldn’t stress. You will likely be able to get all of them later with ReservationFinder if you aren’t able to get them now. I got AP, BoG lunch, and several others with ReservationFinder. I used it to move reservations around to better times, different restaurants, etc. as our plans changed at our 60 day FP window.

Theoretically you can make BBB reservations online, but I have been trying for 3 days and it isn’t working! I REALLY don’t want to call!

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They started permitted online res for BBBat some point last year. It was much easier!

Res Finder is not for BBB. OP is looking for a 9:00 am BBB res … that is very hard to get and need to be booked first thing on the earliest day OP can book.

I wanted to make sure you knew that BBB usually opens at 8 am even if the park opens at 9 am. We had an 8:10 am BBB res and finished right at park opening. That way you don’t “waste” park time while at BBB.

Thanks. Believe it or not, it is 9am I am looking for.

That day is scheduled as a princess day. The family we are doing it with are not rope droppers. I would be pushing for a PPO BBB reservation but the day itself is structured for a reason with 9am appointment followed by princess meet and greets, enchanted tales with Belle and maybe AP for dinner. (Have a back up day later in the week for AP).

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Very kind of you to associate with those kinds of people on a WDW trip :slight_smile:

Outside of WDW I have many great friends who are not rope droppers, but when in WDW …


Yes, I know.