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BWV Standard View

Requested 4125

Notes: Thank you! A room on high floor would be great! I love balconies!

Room: 4079

My requested room was about 20 rooms down the hall in the section that opened a few days before we arrived. I realized about a week before my trip that that section (skyliner view) would not be available. The room/location we got was amazing for BWV standard view: between lobby and stairs to main pool. The room did have a weird issue in the corner (uneven surface) that if you had a pack n play it would be an issue. I will note that on the room finder. I think I will request this room again in December.


Disney’s Coronado Springs
Standard 2 Queen
On-line check in used drop down box for: First Floor
Touring Plans automated fax room request: First Floor like 8573
Result: 8583, this room location was so perfect, we were so lucky to get it. First Floor corner very close to parking roundabout for dropping off.


Disney’s Beach Club Villas
Class of Room: 2BR
Method Used: Requested through Touring Plans
Requested Room: 124
Room: 141


AKL Jambo
Class of Room booked: Two Queen, Resort View
Method Use: Requested through Touring Plans
Requested Rooms: 3415
Result: 4455, Savanna View
Additional circumstances: It was a special birthday for me (can’t recall exactly what I said). I’d like any of these rooms: 3409-3421.

I have always received at least a partial Savanna view when paying for a Resort view room at AKL. Likely due to the time of year I travel. The goal was to make me walk through the lobby everyday because last August I was in a pool view in the front of the resort and found I never walked through the lobby! My preference is to be on the third floor. Overall, pleased with this room.


AKL Jambo
Class of Room booked: Two Queen, Pool View
Method Use: Requested through Touring Plans
Requested Rooms: 3022
Result: 3018
LOVED this room. Very close to my ask and had AMAZING views of the morning sunrises. I would get the same room again for my trip next month, but alas, by the time I decided I’d be going to Disney again for my big trip this year, the only thing available is a King Water View (facing SW).


Coronado Springs
Class of Room booked: Two Queen, Standard View
Method Used: Requested through Touring Plans
Requested Rooms: Ranchos 6B, 6754 (3rd Floor)
Result: Ranchos 6A, 6332 (3rd Floor), Standard View
Additional circumstances: All I really wanted was something quiet.

The room really wasn’t near anything (which was fine!) My only real requirement was to have a quiet room, and that worked out great. We didn’t spend much time at the resort, so we didn’t need to be near the Mercardo food court. Having said that, the resort is much nicer than I remember it from years past. Despite all the convention folks, I would definitely consider staying there again.


I thought the resort grounds were lovely! I really liked Coronado Springs, with the exception of the size of it. DH has crossed it off his list. We were also in the Ranchos. It was quiet but I was hoping for Cabanas. The only thing I found odd was the amount of cacti so close to the main walking paths! I could just imagine a couple of rowdy siblings fighting and pushing with one ending up bloody with prickles from the cactus!


Resort: POFQ
Class of Room booked: River view
Method Use: Requested through Touring Plans
Requested Rooms: 6131
Additional circumstances: I said that we had stayed in that area before and ideally wanted 6126-6132 (I think those are the numbers), and if building 6 wasn’t available we’d prefer building 5.

Result 6136, perpendicular to the requested row but in basically the same place I wanted. Success!


Resort: AKL Jambo
Class of Room booked: Value Studio
Method Use: Requested through Touring Plans
Requested Rooms: Any savanna view
Additional circumstances: Mentioned it was our 20th anniversary and bought the room for a night as a gift for my wife.
Room Given: 5016 was a pool room. Expected as there isn’t a lot of options available. Asked about paying for an upgrade and they gave us a resort savanah room instead! 3019. Awesome room with a perfect view.

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