Please Post Your Room Request Results

Who might that be? :thinking:


We’ve had the 2nd to last 2BR at Kidani, and one that was in the first half and TBH I kinda feel like the walk seems long even when you’re in one of the first rooms! It’s just such a very looooong hallway.

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This is the #1 reason I request Grandstand! The pool in that section is just a hole in the ground… the only reason to go there is if you want to use the bigger hot tub or pool bar.

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Resort: POR
Class of Room Booked: Woods View 5th Sleeper
Method Used: TP Request
Room Requested: 1733,
Result: 1448

Requested POR 1733, or 2nd floor corner room in building 17 or 16 as those were the buildings that had my room type (woods view 5th sleeper). Got an upgraded room to 1448 in building 14 with a River View. It was a great corner room on the 2nd floor with a view of the river and the main building. This location was perfect and doesn’t get much better for access to the main building and the south bus stop at POR.


Resort: BWI
Class of room booked: Deluxe Room CL
Method used: TP request
Room Requested: 4227
BoardWalk Inn,Flr 4,W-facing room.Exmple:4229,4227,4225,4223,3229,4219,3227
Result: 3229
To be fair, there are only 10 of these rooms total–so I did get the area of the resort that I wanted, just not the floor. Worked out well though as the 3rd floor rooms have a significantly larger balcony than those on the 4th floor.


Resort: OKW
Class: 1bv DVC
Method used: called into DVC mbr ser
Room Requested: ground floor, close to a pool
Result: 5513

we needed ground floor b/c DH had recently hurt his back and was in NO condition to have to climb stairs and OKW only has two buildings w/ elevators. Our room was AMAZING. On our lanai we could see the South Point pool and the river. We were visited by ducks and other songbirds daily. Also, I’d like to put in a praise for waitlists b/c we had to extend, and we’ve always been lucky to get our waitlists fulfilled. OH, I forgot the last night the front desk actually got us an extra night using our DVC points (our flight was leaving late and we didn’t want to hang out at the airport for an extra 5 hours). We were SO grateful and amazed that the front desk could do that kind of magic. :open_mouth: :partying_face: