Please Post Your Room Request Results

Resort: Pop Century
Class of Room booked: standard
Method used: TP request
Room requested: Bldg 6,Flr 4,S-facing room.Exmple:6438,6437,6439,6440,6441,6442,6443,6444,6445 (would love a 4th floor room facing lake if at all possible - thank you!)
Result: 2463 - 4th floor room and we could see the lake when we walked out of our room. so from my perspective our priorities were honored even though the building was completely different – I would have loved to have been closer to the Skyliner but having the top floor to avoid stomping feet overhead was a higher priority!

  • Resort: All star Sports
  • Class of room booked: Preferred
  • Method used: touring plans fax
  • Room requested: 158 (football section)
  • Additional circumstances (anything that may have affected your request): we had a cast member (family member) book the room for us- she may have “checked in” with requests in the app so it may have bounced the touring plans request?
  • Result: 1305 (surfs up section)- I think this was a better selection than what I chose :blush:

Funny how that can work out sometimes, isn’t it?
I was just looking at an old TR where I requested one very specific area at AKL and got what seemed like the very opposite. Then we got to the room and realized how close we were to everything and that we had little “secret entrance” right near our room and by the bus stop. It became our favorite area when booking cash.

I do love the room requests and I always hope it works out that I get what I was looking for. But sometimes the universe knows better :wink:


I had a similar experience at CSR when I was there for my 50th birthday. I’d requested the Cabanas section, and to be fair, I don’t know if I’d been assigned that but Casitas was available when I got there and my pre-assigned room wasn’t or not. But I was assigned Casitas. At first I wasn’t thrilled (that is where I had stayed years before and it wasn’t the best stay - starting with them sending me to a room where someone was still checked-in (and I think may have been in the bathroom when I walked in) and just going downhill from there) but I was happy to be able to put my stuff down and go. I ended up loving it - and were it not for Mods getting no park perks over Values I’d be planning to be there in February.

Then again, there was the time I had like a 1-2am arrival to POFQ and specifically said in my request (using Touring Plans) that due to such a late arrival and traveling solo, the closest possible building was my ONLY request. Turns out I was put in Building 7 in literally the last room - I’m pretty sure I was closer to Riverside. I’m still not convinced I hadn’t been assigned a closer room, but someone who got there before me was assigned my Building 7 room and complained and was given my room since the number hadn’t been sent to me yet. That stay did nothing to make me want to go back to POFQ.


I remember one trip to Kidani we arrived at 1130pm at night and had the last possible room down the hall (we were closer to AKL than the Kidani lobby…) and sometimes I wonder if the time you get to the hotel is a factor? We were traveling during a peak travel season and our flight was delayed…and were told this was the only room left. So it felt like many turned this room down first.


Yeah. I feel like until the text has gone out, they can change your assigned room - but will usually only do it to appease a whiner at the desk.

I kinda wish they would adopt a “you get what you get” policy, barring a major maintenance issue taking the room out of service last minute, but I know they never will. Because too many people are used to whining their way into better rooms. Prior to being on boards like these and others, I had no clue it was a thing. But now I feel like my family and I who take what we are assigned are the weird ones.

  • Resort: Pop Century

  • Class of room booked: Preferred King (first priority)

  • Method(s) used:

  1. MDX Check–in
  2. Touring Plans fax
  3. Two phone calls
  • Room requested: 6203 - 70s Building

  • Additional circumstances (anything that may have affected your request):

Consistency with request?

  1. In MDX, requested Preferred King as first priority and 70s Building as second (60’s was no longer a choice)

  2. Requested 6203 through TP Fax.

  3. Phone calls

a. Two weeks out, called Pop Century Guest Services directly and made exact same requests - CM read back to me what she wrote. (can’t remember how/where I found the number)

b. 4 Days out - called the main Disney number to re-iterate request - here’s what’s interesting - CM could NOT see the request I made by calling Pop directly. CM on this phone call stated, it was more than likely documented on the “back-end” which she couldn’t see but CM was happy to put the same requests “in the system” so it could be seen on the “front-end” (her words),

  • Result: Room 6203 - YAY!!! Thanks TP!!!

“I’m sorry, but the resort is full”


Right. Until they demand a room of someone who hasn’t checked in yet.


Resort: Grand Floridian Villas
Class of Room: Deluxe Studio-Lake View
Method: TP email
Room Requested: Good porch view

Loved the view. We ended up in 1504 with a great view of the Lake and Poly. We could actually watch the Epcot show from the porch! Thank you Touring Plans Team

  • Resort: All Star Music
  • Class of room booked: Preferred
  • Method(s) used: Touring Plans fax
  • Room requested: 1611 - Calypso
  • Additional circumstances (anything that may have affected your request):

Consistency with request?

  • Result: Room 533
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