Please Post Your Room Request Results

Just to clarify - you asked for Bldg 7, first floor and got bldg 8, 5th floor? The one room request result that drives me crazy is when I ask for 1st floor and get the top floor!


There’s only 4 floors so the numbering is wonky. 8507 was first floor thankfully! It looks like is goes 85xx up to 88xx for first through fourth floor.

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I love that monorail view too, and Pokemoning monorail trains!

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Oooh, that is much better. I have asked for ground floor and 3 times gotten 4th or 5th!

I went to the front desk and they were able to give me building 7, but it wasn’t ready yet and we had an ADR to get to at HS, so I declined.