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I was kinda floored when I realized A. just how far from everything it is, and B. how terrible the view is. Like, if it was a 9-12 point “value accommodation” or even one of the cheaper standard rooms it wouldn’t be so bad, but the only studios that cost more are A. Theme park views, B. Riviera Preferred, and C. the Lake views here. Even savanna views cost less than this garbage.


Did you see if they could move you after the first night? I agree those rooms should be discounted vs the rest of the ‘standard’ rooms.

We’re only here 2 nights, then we move to GF for the rest. I’ll definitely be leaving a comment though.

  • Resort: AKL Jambo
  • Class of room booked: DVC (point rental), 2BR villa lock off
  • Method used (e.g. fax request, note on reservation, on-line check-in, etc.) fax request through TP
  • Room requested: Flr 5, Kudu Trl, N-facing room. Example: 5272,5266,5260
  • Additional circumstances (anything that may have affected your request) none
  • Result 5310 and 5312

Not disappointed, although the room assignment had not come through at 4:45 while we were biding time at Kidani and littles were getting restless. I went to the Kidani front desk and they said I had a room but needed to go to the check in desk to get the room number. At check in (about 5:10) they needed to call housekeeping to confirm our room was ready, but it was. Amazing dusk animal viewing! So glad we decided to spend a night here.


Booked: Poly DVC studio standard
Request: Tokelau bldg, room 3943
Notes: None
Received: Tokelau bldg, room 3928

Good location and quiet but the view on the 3rd floor was a palm jungle. Could be worse, but there wasn’t much to see either. Happy to be in Tokelau vs. Pago Pago.


Booked: BWV DVC studio standard
Request: Room 5115
Notes: None
Received: Room 1121 (1-BR upgrade)

I think the room we got is closer to HS than Epcot. That was a LONG walk around the boardwalk. Never been in the resort before and struggled to figure out how to access the 1st floor rooms on this side of things. Smelled nice in the lobby.


Posted a Trip Report now :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! I’ll go check it out … :eyes:

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Much better 2nd room request, though there wasn’t much they could get wrong.

Booked: Grand Floridian DVC resort studio, theme park view
Requested: 2nd or 3rd floor, not behind a tree
Recieved: 9241, which is 2nd floor on the left end (looking at the doorways)

The view is probably the best of the theme park views in these resort studios. They’re not facing MK, so being at this end will be the least extreme angle.

Facing straight forward, wide angle

From the corner of the balcony


OK view is great.

But Cruella? Chef’s kiss


Which resort is this?

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Grand Floridian

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Thanks! Now that I’m at my computer I can see the MK in there (and I see that she mentioned seeing the MK. :joy:).

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  • Resort: BLT
  • Class of room booked: DVC (point rental), 2BR villa standard view
  • Method used (e.g. fax request, note on reservation, on-line check-in, etc.) fax request through TP
  • Room requested: Flr 5, west-facing room (7530,7528,7526,7524). If non available, request west-facing room
  • Additional circumstances (anything that may have affected your request) none
  • Result 7430

We can see the castle, the monorail and the contemporary and there is a tree blocking most of the parking lot part of the view. I love it!


BLT is great for those non-theme park view rooms with a castle view! Lots of them may be at an angle, but they’re so close.


Yes! I never thought I’d have a castle view room (like ever) and I am so pumped about it!


We recently book at package and are looking to use the TP Room request.

Which number should you use on the form ? The booking confirmation given via de website (and used to link everything) or the reference number (with slash) on the invoice ?

We are staying at the Polynesian (standard), but I did not do my research well regarding the construction works… Felt a bit bumped as it is our Honeymoon. Oh wel, off to damage control… Trying to request Roratonga or Niue.

You can use either number, they are both linked to your booking.

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I always look at the number in my MDE account and use that one but as @missoverexcited said, either one should work.

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I am behind on this, but thought it worth posting:

Resort: Pop Century
Class of Room Booked: Preferred Room
Method Used: TP fax and Online check-in
Room request: TP Fax request - 1960’s building, ground floor preferred. Online check-in: Ground Floor
Result: Room 5444, 4th floor bldg 5, 1960’s

I never seem to be able to get ground floors- they always like to put me way up high for some reason. This room was not scenic, but it was quiet and convient as it was close to the elevator and equal distance to the skyliner and main building. 1960’s can’t be beat for proximity to everything!