Please Post Your Room Request Results

Resort: BLT
Room Type: Lake View
Method: TP (6 days before check-in)
Requested: An Even Numbered Room. Floors 6-12 if possible. Example: 7610
Result: Odd Numbered Room on Floor 12.

Note: A guest in front of me at check-in asked the CM for a different room than was assigned to him, and I overheard the CM say that there were only a few rooms that turned over that day.


Requested room 7503 @ Art of Animation for my stay last week or anything in building 7 , but ended up in building 9(9207) facing the pool. This finder has struck out 7 times in a row for me dating back to 2009, but it doesn’t matter, it is just a place to sleep.

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I feel that as long as Disney is filling the resorts, getting your specific room request is increasingly unlikely.

For December at SSR, we booked preferred specifically because we want Congress Park. If we don’t end up there, we wasted our points needlessly because we don’t care about the other preferred locations. :confused:

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Resort: Art of Animation
Room type: Cars Suite
Request: Touring Plans
Requested room 1829.
Received room 1636.

I had wanted a pool view, and we got a nice view of the…parking lot. It was fine–we wouldn’t have spent a lot of time looking out anyway.

Excellent room though, loved it, can’t say enough good things. Plenty of room for the 5 of us. 2 bathrooms is amazing, and we were so appreciative. Table area converted to a bed, there was a sofa bed that was actually comfortable, and there was a separate master bedroom with a door. Nice to walk in and out each day beside Tow Mater.


That’s a shame. Glad you liked it just the same. The suites are pretty nice! I haven’t stayed in those, in particular, but our first family trip was in the family suites at ASMu, which was the only resort that had them at the time, and we loved it.


Split stay renting DVC point on 5/28/22 thru 6/4/22.

Resort #1: Bay Lake Tower
Class: One Bedroom - Lake View
Method Used: TP Fax
Requested: Even number room requested. Floors 6-10 Requested. Example: 7810, 7812
Received: 7804
So it was on the floor requested and on the side of the resort requests. Was just a few doors down from the example rooms. We still were able to see fireworks from our balcony which was what I was hoping for.

Resort #2: Beach Club Villas
Class: One Bedroom
Method Used: TP Fax
Requested: Low Floor Requested. Pool facing requested. Close to Beach Club main resort requested. Example: 108, 110, 208, 210
Received: 547
Opposite side of the resort from that requested and highest floor possible instead of low floor. At check-in I asked if it was possible to have anything on a lower floor. The CM checked and there was nothing available for my length of stay.


Resort: Yacht Club
Room type: Water View
Request: Touring Plans
Requested room 4161
Received room 3131

Specifically asked for non-first floor with a full balcony, and. view of Crescent Lake (as opposed to a pool)…

Room 3131 was perfect, great view of Crescent lake. We spent many nights on the balcony.


Love the balcony at Yacht!!

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Resort: Pop Century
Room type: Standard View
Request: Touring Plans
Requested room 5113 (60s section, building 5)
Received room 0108 (70s section, building 10)

I wanted to first start off by saying that my cousin is a cast member and was able to get room on discount. She was the one who made the reservation and does not have touring plans(she was the one who checked us in), however, I did a touring plans room request (which said it successfully was sent). So unsure if resort received my request? Maybe her check in/cast member room type and my request cancelled each other out? However, I loved where our room was. So close to the 90s parking lot(that was another story: flight out of baltimore, md was cancelled while at airport so decided to drive down), Also very short walk to skyliner and main lobby! Very quiet location! I thought it was perfect!!


I think as long as you had the correct reservation number linked to your request, it would have been sent by TP and received by email by Disney. If your cousin also made any selections for online checkin, they likely overrode your request.

Glad you enjoyed your room!


yeah, I am wondering if she did. It was great either way though!!!


And regardless of how it was made, a request is ONLY a request. We all forget that all too often.


Resort: Beach Club
Room type: Standard View
Request: Touring Plans
Requested room 3680 or 3682
Received room 3701

I wrote the following for Additional Information (Special Requests, etc.):
Hi! Could I please have a room with 2 queen beds and a sleeper? Also I hope to get a full balcony, if possible (but not super important).
Having the couch that changes into another bed will be so appreciated! Thank you so much for considering my request.

We were only a few rooms away from what I asked for. Though the view was not great, I’m grateful that we had the sleeper. We ended up using the full balcony quite a lot and it really gave us some extra needed space.

This was my first time using Touring Plans and I think it was a success.


Resort - POFQ
Room type - garden view
Requested via TP only
Requested room - 6320
Received room - 4207

I added a note saying that we really wanted a view across one of the lawns between buildings 6 and 5, or 2 and 1. I also said we wanted 3rd floor for a quiet room, but if not possible we’d like 1st floor. I noted we were celebrating my son’s 18th.

We love building 4 and would have requested it if we had standard view but we had to have garden or river for the offer. It was a bit annoying to be looking out over the same smoking area that we looked out over in a standard room. But really I just didn’t want 2nd floor.

I asked if it was possible to change and they said it would be but there was nothing available yet and we’d have to wait for rooms to be cleaned. It was already 6pm and we needed to go and buy stuff because our luggage didn’t come to MCO with us. We took the room. It was noisy at times but not as bad as I had feared.

So it was a total fail but we were still happy with the location.


I used to always put in my requests that I would rather have the angry swan view than the creepy clown view. One of the trips we actually got put in an upgraded room (1br instead of studio) and it had a view of both!


Fort Wilderness.
Premium campsite.
Loop 700
Site 728

Got the exact site I requested. Wanted to back up to the water and be close to the pool. It was perfect. Room request came through for us.


That’s great! Hope we get a trip report :crossed_fingers:

Animal Kingdom Lodge-Jambo
Room type: Savanna view
Room requested: 3229
Room received: 3215
Requested via TP and also checked “near lobby” through Disney.

We loved our assigned room! We were only 3 rooms down the hall from the lobby and had a direct view of the savanna and also the water area where the pelicans and egrets hang out. I’m an amateur wildlife photographer who loves to focus on birds. I brought my Canon EOS 80 with 500 telephoto lens along this trip, and the views and photo opportunities did not disappoint!