Please Post Your Room Request Results

  • Resort: AKV Kidani, 1st week Dec 2018
  • Class of room booked: One 2BR savanna view, one studio savanna view
  • Method used: Touring Plans fax
  • Room requested: 7212 and 7214 (or 2nd floor on that wing
  • Additional circumstances: We had 7 adults and 1 child travelling togetherr, so requested that the two rooms be as close together as possible
  • Result: got 7232 and 7240. Floor and wing as requested, and as close together as I could reasonably expect.

Before that

  • Resort: Bay Lake Tower (Oct 2017)
  • Class of room booked: Lake-view studio
  • Method used: Touring plans fax
  • Room requested: 8038
  • Additional circumstances: none
  • Result: 7440. 6 floors lower but facing the same direction (toward marina, which was the preference). I think I liked the lower floor view better in this case

The time betore that was a Jambo studio that I got 3 doors away from my request. I’ve had really good luck with the Touring Plans fax service. Before that, putting the request in through early check-in, I felt like no one even looked at the request.

  • Resort: CBR
  • Class of room booked: standard
  • Method used (e.g. fax request, note on reservation, on-line check-in, etc.): TP fax
  • Room requested: BLG 51 or 45
  • Additional circumstances (anything that may have affected your request) none, I had no requests at checkin
  • Result: Jamaica bldg 41, room 4111
    Didn’t work out so well
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Resort: Riverside
Royal Room, pool view
TP Fax
Exact room number requested, can’t remember number, it was a corner room

Resort: French Quarter
TP Fax
Requested connecting rooms in building two - got the connecting rooms one room down from what I requested - I added a note saying we were bringing grandparents with us for their first trip to Disney with mobility issues and would love to have them next to us.

*We’ve been very happy with the room request faxes from TP!


Will do. Staying at POR this May 4-10.

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We are 50/50, but it was OK because the important 50 worked out.

Resort - Pop Century
Class of room booked - Preferred Studio
Method used - TP fax
Room requested - Building 6, high floor, corner room
Result - Not even close. Building 10, 3rd floor, middle of the hallway

Resort - AKV Jambo
Class of room booked - Deluxe Studio (NOT savanna view)
Method used - TP fax
Room requested - I asked to be near the lobby, and listed a half-dozen room numbers we would like
Additional circumstances - added a note indicating it was our anniversary
Result - 5522, which was one of the requested rooms. Not near the lobby at all, but still a great room with a savanna view

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This is from November 2018.

  • Resort - Contemporary, Garden Wing
  • Class of room booked - Garden View
  • Method used fax request
  • Room requested - I think I requested 5123
  • Additional circumstances (anything that may have affected your request)
  • Result - We got 5125. SO HAPPY! It was far enough away to be quiet, but close enough to the pool, which is what we wanted.
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Resort : Boulder Ridge
Class of room booked : 2 bedroom
Method: TP Fax Request
Room requested : 3535 or another similar facing room on an upper floor where we would be able to have views of the water.
Additional Circumstances: Nothing.
Result: We ended up on the 3rd floor, but in a different room further down the hall. We had the view we wanted and were able to look over the pool area and had a lake view. We could see the Electric Light Pageant from our balcony.

We’re 8 days out from our next trip where I’ve requested:
Resort : Port Orleans Riverside
Class of room booked : Standard View 5th sleeper
Method: TP Fax Request
Room requested : 3733
Additional Circumstances: I added that we would like a room in the refurbished area if possible that was near transportation and had a bathtub for our youngest. I used my best manners!
*Result: Womp womp wooooomp. Building 16…not refurbished…not close to the west depot…not a corner room. However, the location was pretty good and we ended up using Lyfts more than Disney transportation and they would pick up/drop off right outside room. IF building 16 was refurbed, it would have been a clear win and HONESTLY the room wasn’t too beat up so it wasn’t that bad (I just really wanted the under the bed storage for suitcases since there were 5 of us crammed in the room …never again).

  • Resort - baylake tower
  • Class of room booked - lake view, dvc
  • Method used (e.g. fax request, note on reservation, on-line check-in, etc.) - Fax and called, and online check in.
  • Room requested - 8014
  • Additional circumstances (anything that may have affected your request) - no
  • Result - got 8008. Close, and can see the castle from balcony. So it’s a win. But can’t see castle from inside the room.
  • AKL (3 times)
  • Standard View
  • Method: TP fax request
  • Room requested: 4218
  • Additional circumstances: added 4216-4238 and always thanked them for any room in the resort I love
  • 4218, 4238 (twice)


  • POR
  • Standard
  • Method used: TP fax request, TA request in booking,
  • Magnolia Bend
  • Additional circumstances : noted on fax that Magnolia Bend was priority and thanked them. Specific room on request was a upper floor.
  • Result: Magnolia Bend first floor room


  • Copper Creek
  • Studio
  • Method used: Member Services
  • Room requested: Upper Floor
  • Additional circumstances (anything that may have affected your request)
  • Result: 5th floor room


  • YC/BC (two stays)
  • Standard View
  • Method used: on-line check-in only
  • Room requested: upper floor
  • Additional circumstances: both stays were two nights only
  • Result: upgraded to club level

AoA Nemo Suites
TP fax request and similar instructions in MDE
Requested 4832
Wanted early check-in. Arrived at 11. At 1:30 checked on status and took what they could offer me which was 3rd floor landscape view )requested landscape 4th floor).
Room 4379 - technically on edge of playground so mixed results.

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On a related note, we’ve been asking survey participants to provide the room number they got, whether it connected to another room (and if so, that room number), and the bed configuration for the room.

I’m pleasantly surprised that we’ve got more than 10,000 responses for these in the past year or so. We’ll be updating the database shortly. Besides keeping the bed configs current, it’ll allow us to provide more information on connecting rooms.


Mmmm, data! :smiley:

I guess my suggestion was more directly related to the effectiveness of the Room Fax Feature. If the system automatically sent a follow-up question just regarding the room that they got, then one might be able to get more insight into which types of requests are more likely to be met.

Hooray for information on connecting rooms! My family of 7 relies on connecting rooms, especially since suite prices seem to increase dramatically beyond 6 person occupancy.

For our most recent stay:
Deluxe studio (DVC), standard view
Fax request via TP
Room requested: 3914
No additional circumstances
Result: 3941

Body of fax read:
Tokelau 3914 or 1914 as a second choice. If neither is available, any room on the third or first floor of Tokelau on this same side of the building (facing toward Oasis Pool/Ceremonial House/Grand Floridian - rooms 1-14 or 39-48) would make our day! Thanks for considering our request!!

Since we got 3941 I was happy with the result. I could see a glimpse of the castle (and fireworks) and was overlooking the pool. I suppose it could have been a typo on part of room assigner? In any case, great room, great location, would stay again.

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A few:
Feb 2019
•Resort; AKL Kidani
•Class of room booked: Standard
•Method used: TP Fax
•Room requested: 7509
•Additional circumstances: None
•Result: 7509

Dec 2018
•Resort: BCV
•Class of room booked: Standard
•Method used: TP Fax
•Room requested: 531
•Additional circumstances: None
•Result: 412

Sept 2018
•Resort: GF
•Class of room booked: Standard (MVT Special)
•Method used: TP Fax
•Room requested: 5402
•Additional circumstances: none
•Result: 9215

May 2018
•Resort: BC
•Class of room booked: Standard
•Method used: TP Fax
•Room requested: 3262
•Additional circumstances: 40th Birthday Trip!
•Result: 2664 (It’s the Hospitality Suite - was pretty neat)

June 2018
•Resort: Contemporary
•Class of room booked: Garden Wing, Garden View
•Method used: TP Fax
•Room requested: 5349
•Additional circumstances: None
•Result: 5349 (theme park view, and we got yummy chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries)

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Resort: POFQ in 2016
Class of room booked: Garden View x2
Method used (e.g. fax request, note on reservation, on-line check-in, etc.): TP fax request
Room requested: 5148 and 5147
Additional circumstances (anything that may have affected your request): two different reservation numbers on the same request, one was ADA accessible
Result: got the exact rooms we requested.


One question: why the 1st or 3rd floors? Is this a case of “we’d rather be on the top floor, but if we can’t it’s better to avoid the stairs at all”? Just trying to figure out if there’s something bad about 2nd floor.

Resort : Pop Century
Class of room booked : Standard
Method : TP Fax Request
Room requested : 5213 or similar
Additional Circumstances : Nothing special, just put a polite message and thanked them.
Result: Room 6234 which was the next building over, still 2nd floor. In the same vicinity and similar view. Worked fine for us.

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For me, I don’t want noisy people both above and below my room.


At Poly second floor doesn’t have a balcony or patio—- is that why OB?