Please look at my FastPasses!

Hello! My Fast pass booking day is next Sunday.
Here is a chart of our overall plan and what I hope to get for fast passes. I have also made another chart with the order I thought I should try to get them. We are a group of 10 and I realize I may have to split up our group while booked FPP. Any comments or suggestions is appreciated! Thanks! Fast pass plan pdf.pdf (31.7 KB) DIsney Plan pdf.pdf (35.9 KB)

I think you’ve got everything set up well. I think I’d try to book FOP at +5 before you go after 7D at +7. Also, I think snagging FPs for SDD on day 2 will be unlikely.

Thank you! I’ll move that up! Yes I agree on SDD that’s why I have it later in the trip on a “rest” day in case we don’t get to do it on our HWS day then we can go back for a couple hours. But one can always hope right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:I’ll try for toy story if I can’t get it on 60+ 2. Thanks for your help!

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I just did our fastpass selections a about a week and a half ago and got SDD for 60+2 for 6:25pm. I wasn’t initially even going to try for it, but checked fastpass availability on the dibb and touring plans the night before and saw availability so figured I’d give it a shot! That was for 5 people vs 10 though, but it could happen! Or if they keep extending hours maybe you’ll be able to get it then!

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I always wonder if it would be better to have a later one like that or get an earlier one for a different ride (say TSM) so that you can get some day of fast passes… But then be stuck waiting in line for it.

I was only able to get a 5 pm SDD for 4 ppl for our trip at 60+4. It was the first or second one I tried to book. They recently changed park hours and I was able to modify it to 8:45 am. If you aren’t able to get one just keep an eye on park hours because they will release more fastpasses if the park opens early/stays open later.

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