Please look at AK plans with toddler

I posted my MK plans the other day and got incredible feedback! Thanks! I am having a hard time with our AK plans. I’ve added all of our must-dos and, forgoing dinner :upside_down_face:, it works in a perfect world. My husband and I are taking our almost-3 year old. We’re planning on stroller napping and quiet time rather than heading back to BCV. Please take a look and let me know how I can fix this up so it’s a little less pressed for time. I appreciate it!

Animal Kingdom Plan-

Why did you plan your first passes so late in the day? I don’t really see a need to be at AK for 12 straight hours when you’re only going one of the big 3 headliners. I’d rather do safari and Navi river journey earlier with a fast pass so you can grab an extra fast pass later ( or bail earlier in the day if you are tired).

I think you have plenty of time for everything here. I don’t think all this will really take that long. Like the exploring parts. To me that’s just walking by and taking photos. I think you’re fine.

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I agree w above poster, a lot of walking around/exploring- you could rearrange a bit and prob go back to your hotel for a real nap from 2-5
For example- look at discovery trails on your way in for breakfast. Leave after lunch. Come back 5ish to do boneyard and tts before heading to pandora.

Or- if you want to be there all day add in the other shows or additional attractions

I also am not a huge fan of safaris at night- I think it’s way better in the day, esp for a little kid

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We did the safari in the morning with 2 toddlers, loved it could see so much. Then we saw it in the evening, could not really see much of anything.

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I think you’ve allocated way too much time for exploring the areas - I don’t think that will be necessary. For comparison, here’s our plan from last year with an almost-3 and 5 year old - we did everything we wanted to see, also met Mickey and Minnie, did a bunch of the Discovery Island dance parties, and were back on the bus by 6.

I also think AK with young kids is the park where you least need/want a plan. Line up your Safari and Navi fastpasses, and then just duck in and out of shows and walking trails as they catch your interest.


I agree you probably won’t need all of the exploring time but I wouldn’t edit it down too much as it gives you a lot of buffer/flexibility – you might end up wanting more time for Gorilla Falls and/or Maharaja Jungle Trek. I also agree with @erinkippen that playing AK by ear with a little one is probably the best non-plan.

Overall the structure of your day looks good. You can have dinner at Satuli as part of your hour exploring Pandora.

Usually FPs for shows require you to be there 15 minutes before so some of the walking around Africa might need to be cut before FotLK. I’d also check the sunset time on the day you’ll be there and maybe bump your evening KS FP earlier if the time it’s at now isn’t before sunset.

We ended up taking an off-plan afternoon break back at CBR on our AK day because it was super hot. We still did most of the stuff I thought we’d want and had a great day. Our KS at 7pm would have been perfect dusky timing except for the torrential thunderstorm that was going on, but that was its own amazing experience so I have no regrets.

Also, I’m pretty sure that was a two meals, no major snacks day for us as we were quite full after our 10:30 breakfast at Tusker House. With your earlier breakfast you might be hungry for lunch but you might just need a light snack at the Flame Tree BBQ time in the plan.

Re:dinner, AK has some quick service places that are supposed to be great. I have only done TS there so I don’t know, but the Flame tree BBQ always smells wonderful and I think there’s also a new QS in Pandora area.

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With a 3 year old things are so unpredictable I agree the “exploring” time may be useful.

There are drums in Africa and plant “drums” in Pandora that are sure to please a little one.

In Asia, outside of the bird show Kevin from Up! Is often walking around.

In Dinoland there are a lot of Ducktails character meets and a chip and Dale dance party in the afternoon that is adorable if your kiddo likes meet and greets.

My, “why didnt anyone tell me about this” is the Tree of Life Awakenings. It is a spectacular projection show that you can just walk up to. Definately try to see it!

If your little one stroller naps, mom and dad should definitely chill out at the Nomad lounge!

I have one more note! When my daughter was little my husband and I would take turns doing the EE single rider line while the other was with her at the boneyard. I rode 3 times in a row (my max) but it is my very favorite roller coaster ever.

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I did the fastpasses at those times because we aren’t trying to grab the headliners and it worked with how we planned our walkabout. So I figured do fastpasses as we got to those attractions just so we could avoid lines. We’re planning another trip Summer 2021 so neither DH or I are upset about missing FOP.

I built in the extra time for my son…while I am happy to walk by an area and briefly admire it, I know he is going to want to watch and check everything out.

Yeah I intentionally built in longer times because who knows the time a toddler can dawdle. Also, it seems easier to have time left over than to run out of time.

Sunset is 8pm that day so a 7-8 KS should be perfect, unless of course there is an evening thunderstorm. I hope not! Last time we were at the World we faced monsoon like rain every day all day, so sad.

Tree of Life Awakenings? I feel like I’ve heard of that, but now I definitely want to make a note- thanks!! I definitely want to check out the Nomad lounge, it looks incredible.

We generally don’t like to ride rides alone (silly I know :sweat_smile:) but EE is probably my favorite too, so I miiiiight make an exception. Good tip!

Once it gets dark they do a projection show on the Tree of Life. The content varies but it is always really cool. It runs on a schedule and repeats throughout the evening so it is not too hard to catch - the only time it doesn’t run is during Rivers of Light.

I don’t like riding rides by myself either - but then our first trip as an adult, my 5 year old decided she was afraid of the dark, so all dark rides were out too :roll_eyes: That was when I decided I would do a few rides by myself, but make my DH (who had never been to WDW) ride it after me so we could compare notes :joy:

Good luck! Sounds like a great trip.

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I actually don’t think you will be pressed for time with this plan! The only thing I would suggest is planning for a 20-30 minute dinner during your Pandora time - an hour to walk around it sounds particularly long to me. Maybe Satuuli, or walk a little bit outside the entrance to Pandora where there is a hot dog cart for a quick bite.

I agree that AK is hard to plan with toddlers, since you don’t know what will capture their attention and what won’t. I think you have a good amount of time built in and enough flexibility that you can cut something short and move on to the next area of exploration if needed. Have fun!!

Thank you for the reassurance, my hope was to have lots of flexibility for my little guy!

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