Please judge me (based on my first TP)

In July my boyfriend and I decided we’d go to WDW right before Christmas - he’s a physician but had some days off around the holiday and we’re both big SW fans so figured why not. We’ve both only previously gone as kids with our families 20 years ago, so when I started researching I was overwhelmed pretty quickly. After reading the UG and lurking the forums, I still think we’re probably crazy to do 12/22-12/24 in the parks for our first real time, but those are the dates we could make it work so we’re trying to make the best of what I’m sure will be insanity. All that to say, I would really, really appreciate y’all’s (yes 2 apostrophes are appropriate) feedback on what is likely way too much to pack into one day:

My FP date isn’t for a few more weeks but I want to have my plan somewhat nailed down by then. We decided we’d rather do TSMM than SDD at rope drop and know that means we probably won’t ride SDD this trip. I tried to take into account everyone’s advice but I know it’s really a guess about the ROTR and MFSR wait times. I just want some reassurance or advice either way. Thanks in advance!

ETA: I set walking speed to relaxed to help account for crowds, but we’re both pretty fit & fast walkers

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When I first saw your FP choices I was not sure, but based on what you want to do I think you have a solid plan.

I think you will have to track the times in Galaxy’s Edge the weeks before your trip .


This is a really good plan. You’ve got your approximate RD time adjusted, breaks and realistic expectations.

If you are only going to do MFSR once it might be worth it to go through the regular queue rather than single rider. There’s a lot of cool stuff, animatronics and “story” that you bypass in the single rider queue. I’m not sure if it’s worth a 2+ hour, but if you are big Star wars fans you might want to see it.

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Thank you!! I will be spending all my free time during December reading trip reports and the latest GE info!

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I reeeeeally want to do the regular queue to see all the stuff, I was just worried about missing our dinner reservation so keeping Single Rider in my back pocket as an emergency option. Hopefully we won’t have to deny ourselves the experience!

Yeah… You are right “on time” and having to “walk with a purpose” to get to BD. You do have a 10 minute late “window” to arrive. Even if you get there a few minutes more they’ll find a way to get you in.

Try to learn the park layout as much as you can from maps before you go so on that day it won’t be so bad getting there. At least BD is centrally located near the Chinese Theater.

There is supposed to be a CL update on 10.04.19. The data that TP has been collecting since SWGE opened will be in that one.

Once RotR opens, I’d check the MDE app in the days leading up to your trip to see what Disney says the queue waits are. (Then knock off about 25% - they tend to inflate the times so ppl feel like the queue was shorter than advertised.)

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Thank you so much!

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To make your later timings, you look to be relying on being out of the Cantina at 1350 - probably fine if you do get in 10mins early, but I’d be cautious. Perhaps someone more acquainted with it could advise if that is likely to occur?

Otherwise you only have 20 mins of a 45m reservation. You could always try to get an earlier slot using the reservation finder on here or Mousedining (the one on here notifies faster) - I had 19 reservations at one point while planning, they do come and go a lot!

Would also recommend swapping the Tier 1 FPP to SDD if you can, and also seeing what doing that, MFSR or RotR at rope drop does for your plan. It may tank the RNRC, TSM and TOT waits but could save you that multi-hour wait later on. 2 rides in 4 hours seems painful!

In any case, hope you have fun and get what you want to do done!

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Thank you! Yeah I’m not sure we will actually spring for 2 drinks in the Cantina - mostly we just want to see it (I think), so the shorter time inside might be fine. I currently have at least 3 reservations for Oga’s lol just seems like the 1:30 one is the most likely to fit. Rope-dropping MFSR has a predicted wait only 9 minutes shorter (139 vs. 148 minutes) and I just don’t know if I can guarantee we can be at the front of the pack during a CL10 EMH to bring that wait down. It does seem odd that the predicted wait for ROTR is so much shorter than MFSR though, doesn’t it?

I keep tinkering with it but TOT, RNRC, both SW rides, and Fantasmic are must-dos for us. I know we’re spending a lot of time at table service meals too but we really want to do both of those too. I’m just not seeing how I could manage to get in both TSM and SDD :frowning:

At this point I’m just hoping Disney sees fit to extend the operating hours during holiday season.

Regular queue for me as well. I watched Rebels and Clone Wars with my son and for some reason I love that space pirate, Hondo. I am not going to miss seeing him.

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