Please ignore all the "trust level 3" stuff for now

As Laurel said in her long post yesterday, we found some issues with manually awarding trust level 3 status to users with lots of Lines chats. The forum software resets trust level 3 status every night, which would require us to constantly be granting this status over and over.

So for now, some of you may have been level 3, and noticed you arent anymore. Thats just the forum software doing its nightly thing. If you log back out and back in, you'll probably be level 3 again, but as of right now, that doesnt give any extra privileges. So if we add it or take it away a few times while testing things out over the next day or so, please dont freak about it smile

We're doing our best to find a balance between being a welcoming forum for everyone, but also making sure long time Lines users dont feel like theyre being thrown away. Everyone here knows how important you guys are and we're just trying to get out the best possible system for everyone (Liners and new users alike).


I just want badges. I want to know all the badges and how to earn them. LOL. I'm a badge hoarder. GIMME GIMME GIMME

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@daybreaker Is the fluctuation over? I'm one of the many who lost their status but one of the few who can't get it back, even logging in and out. Over 5k chats. Kinda stinks.

Me leader status for me all of a sudden!

Mine disappeared yesterday and I was told it'd be back today...hence my frustration. Wondering why I care about an imaginary badge going back to the piano

No, TL 3 went away for everyone last night. With it, came the ability to edit the titles of everyone's posts and recategorize them (maybe body content too) and that didn't seem like a good idea. We'll come up some kind of badge for either long timers or prolific posters.

Yep, we decided to remove level 3/leader stuff for technical reasons. We were having issues that the forum software would reset it every night back to level 2, so we decided to just turn it off, instead of making everyone log out and back in every single day. We're working on other solutions. It has nothing to do with taking things away from yall - its all purely technical stuff related to the software. This is all brand new for us too, so we're all learning this together smile

@LaurelStewart @daybreaker Thank you! If you ever come up with a music badge I'll gladly play any Disney song for it. stuck_out_tongue Ooh ooh I just got nominated to be Liner of the Day on Chat does that count for anything? OK I'm done shamelessly self promoting.