Please help with planning NYE

We will be in WDW from Dec 27-Jan 1. We know we want to spend NYE at Epcot (have a dining reservation in WS) and we also have the Toy Story Early Morning Magic booked for that morning. Here’s where things get tricky… Since we only have 5 days, I know that I should plan our last day (NYE) for AK FP+ to ensure a chance at FOP (it is my family’s favorite ride), but I also want to have a long break that day to ensure we are well rested for NYE festivities (I have a 7 year old). Should I plan on staying at HS and just get our FP+ that day for HS (then get AK on Day 4 of our trip), or will I have no shot of getting a FOP FP+ on day 60+3 (day 4 of our trip)?

I hate overthinking everything!

Where are you staying and how are you getting around? On NYE, the roads on property will be gridlocked by midday. As in, not moving, backed up to the 192 (is that the right one lol?).

I really wouldn’t be wanting to hop around. I know getting into Epcot won’t be the issue, but getting there will be. You really need to minimise moving around that day. If you have EMM booked at DHS then stay there. Head back ideally before mid-day and then definitely use WDW transport to get to Epcot. Their buses will get through, cars won’t.

However, I would seriously consider cancelling EMM and just having a later start, with FPs booked at DHS. Then just head down to Epcot.

We are staying at POP. Plan to use Disney transportation, but we usually use an Uber about half the time we are there as I hate the buses. Toy Story land is a must do for my family so I want to keep the EMM as I don’t think I have a chance at a slinky dog fast pass. I’d have to get there that early anyway to rope drop it one day so this way I won’t have to wait an hour outside the gates. I figured we could hit RnRC and ToT right at 9 when everyone else goes to Toy Story Land and then we wouldn’t even need any FP’s at HS.

I totally agree about getting around though and don’t want to spend the entire day on the road. I guess we should just try for FOP for another day (unlikely to get it), but keep checking and RD if I can’t get it.

if you’re going to do TS-EMM and then take a break that day, I would have to suggest that you make your evening fireworks location EPCOT.

It can handle the crowds, and has a wonderful NYE tag, IIRC, in the fireworks.

Honestly, yes, stick with DHS.

Try for FoP the previous day. You might be OK to get it in the evening, and that would be OK if you plan for a rest late morning./ early afternoon of the 31st. Because AK is way out and would be hard to get back from, even though you’d probably be OK to get there right after EMM.

Just give yourself loads of time to get to Epcot. The buses will get through, but I’d be leaving at least 2 hours before the ADR time, more likely three. Or try a Minnie Van. Uber and Lyfft won’t get any privileged access I wouldn’t think.

I would be surprised if you could get it at 60+3 with the predicted crowds that week anyway but you never know.
I will be there later this week and tried at 7 am for 60+3 and the earliest available for party of 2 was around 4 and CL is predicted a 4. You could always try on your FPP day just to see and then rearrange your plans accordingly.

checking the fastpass availability on TP website, today would mark the 60+3 day for Christmas Eve and there is plenty of FP availability for FOP (as of first thing this morning). This is what is giving me hope. I’ll continue to watch closely, but it looks like it might be possible.

For sure! Plan is to do MK (we have a dessert party) on the 30th then Epcot the 31st :slight_smile: So exciting!

Good luck! That is promising.