Please help with my MK plan. Will this actually work?

hello lovely amazing wise people!

we are headed to WDW for the first time over Memorial day weekend… ya I know… its going to be busy! … hindsight… anyways I have created a plan of sorts where we are fairly militant in the morning and then free to get on what we can in the afternoon using any available fpp. wondering if you would have a little look and see if from your experience this plan would work? Space mountain is a bonus not a must for this day (we’ve got the old dears with us and though they want the other coasters space was one they aren’t bothered with so we can do that on our second day)

anyways thank you for your help in advance!

the newbies

Think you need to publish it still or make sure to use the link it gives you for sharing (not the URL at the top of your web page).

oh ok thanks, will try to figure out how to share it! doh!

You go to edit the plan and then there is a box to check on the lower left hand corner to publish. Save. Then it will show a shareable URL on your plan screen for you to cut and paste.

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thanks so much! I would never have actually found that! LOL

Yep. :slight_smile: someone had to walk me thru it too!

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The thing I notice is because you manually put in 7DMT as step 1, the plan does not actually know where you are in the park. It therefore gives an unrealistic walk time to BTMR (1 minute). That walk will take more like 10 minutes so you should probably enter a meal like BOG at 9:25am with a time of 1 minute. The plan will then calculate your walk from BOG (which is right near 7DMT) to BTMR. Small details, I know. Also, what time are you planning to be at MK that morning? You need to be fairly close to front of the pack to only spend 25 minutes total waiting for 7DMT and riding it.

thanks! we are planning to rope drop. i had hoped that if we were in the frontish of the pack we would be on the ride and off by like 9:15 and then walk to BTMR by 9:25… lol I had high hopes LOL

Plan to be there (through security and at the ropes where they hold you) no later than 8am. Or better, get an 8am Be Our Guest reservation, then preorder. As soon as you are done eating, line up for 7DMT, by 8:40am or so. Then you will be off the ride by 9:05 and won’t have to worry about being at the front.

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keep an eye on your time leading up to your FPP for Jungle Cruise. the queue is usually very long, and your current plan appears tight…getting you to the ride at 11:02 for a FPP time that ends at 11:00. You may want to ride JC before POTC if time starts to be tight.

I would also consider moving Peter Pan up to Noon FP. Once you swipe your fpp, try to get one for Enchanted Tales with Belle. I know your current time indicates only a 20 minute wait, but I suspect this is wait time will increase as you get closer to the date.

Keep checking for additional FPP. It’s easy to do while waiting in the line. The MDE app will drain a phone battery quickly so be prepared with a backup charger if you have one.

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thank you!! thats really helpful!

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