Please Help With My Masters


Done. Good luck with your masters.

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Done. Best of success with your studies!

Did the OP do a pilot study?

I had no idea what My Magic+ is either, despite visiting WDW four times in the last two years.

It would help if this was explained at the beginning of the survey.

Done, good luck

Complete. Agree, I’m not familiar with My Magic + naming. Glad I read thread comments first.

@Amy_Wayman Have you posted this link in chat too?

done… good luck!

Done! Anything to help someone else going through the pain of writing one of those monsters.

I’m done too.

Done :smiley:

I do remember when it was rolling out and being regularly referred to as My Magic + when we canceled our 2014 trip. It seems to have all but disappeared.


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Thank you For everyone who has completed the survey. I truly am really grateful. Thank you so much.