Please help with MK touring plan

I agree with what others have said about some you might want to skip to save time. You can always run through and check them out to decide if you really feel you need to do Barnstormer and Dumbo. Tip - Dumbo is the same thing as Magic Carpets of Aladdin and the wait it always shorter at Magic Carpets. So if you can picture yourself in the time-honored Dumbo ride when you do MC then you can skip Dumbo, LOL.

Your kids will be perfect for modifying and refreshing fast pass plans so that’s awesome! I’d knock out whatever FPP you can get early and then keep getting them!

You’re going to have fun!

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I too love Small World! I love it all, that’s my problem! lol!

Thank you so much! Thanks for being so nice! :slight_smile: I’m not good at this touring plan stuff.