Please help with directions to the subscriber area!

I can't find it. I got on the PC, cleared the history and cache. I still get basic user but should be a level something based on my number of lines chats. Can I get some help, please?

Click the top left where it says Then there will be something that says all topics. Click that and a drop down list will appear. The subscriber area is at th ebottom.

I think it's because of your user name. It had problems with mine as well. Maybe @daybreaker can help manually fix it for you.

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The same thing happened to me Mrs_Incredible. It just magically started working the third time I restarted my PC and cleared my cache. I read somewhere on here that there's a glitch for people with a hyphen, dash or underscore in the name (like you and me!) but I can't find that bit of information now. If you try again and it still doesn't work, please don't give up. Sorry I don't have more advice for you.

Thanks! I appreciate it very much. I will try a third time as the second doesn't seem to work.

It would probably help if I know what I did! Sadly, I don't. It just started working. Maybe take a break for a couple of hours. I did that. This is the least helpful, non-techie advice ever. smile

well, third time wasn't a charm. guess I will just wait until tomorrow

There's a known bug in our code that registers users as Subscribers when they have spaces or other non-alphanumeric characters in their name. I added you to the subscribers group

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I can't seem to find The subscriber category either. @daybreaker when you have a chance can you add me too? Thanks!

Me too! Any help is appreciated!

Ok click gray T on left. Now there should be RED ish Category rectangle still on left. Click that. Look towards bottom of choices

Ugh well subscribers only is not there right now sorry. It's usually under La CAva
It's down for the night. They are working on it :0)

Oh good, glad it isn't just me! I was worried that it was because there was some glitch that I triggered by logging in from a different computer in a different place. smile

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