Please Help w/ Park Days in Nov

Hi all! We (me, husband, DS 9, DD 6) just booked a “last minute” trip for Fri. Nov 6- Fri. Nov 13 and I haven’t had much time to research how to pick park days with all of the new changes and reduced hours. We went last year in October for a week and had park hoppers, great fast passes (even scored several “secret drop” FP’s thanks to you all!), dining reservations (did the dining plan), and touring plans.

This year I’m looking forward to a less structured trip but since we can’t hop, I still want to make good park reservations. We won’t be getting in until late on Fri. 6th and won’t hit the parks our last day, Fri. 13th so that leave Sat. 7-Thurs 12th. We’d prefer to skip MK on the busy days and I’ve heard Epcot is still busy on Fri. and Sat. due to F&W? If you wanted to maximize the park hours, how would you plan these park days? TIA

I would avoid MK and HS on the weekends right now. That leaves EP and AK for Sat and Sunday. My hunch would be AK sat and EP sun. MK mon and HS tues. MK again Wed than Thurs, the park of ur choice. That would be my game plan anyway.


Thanks! That’s almost exactly what I was sketching out right now. This is so much harder without hopping.

Based on the TP’s average wait times for attractions from the last 2 weekends, it seems Epcot on Saturdays (has slightly shorter waits than Sundays). And AK on Sundays (has slightly shorter waits than Saturdays). But either way, not a huge difference, definitely avoid MK and HS on weekends. I’d also consider which day you would rather be out late (EP) and which day you would prefer to end the evening early (AK).

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is this from your observations, or do they have this somewhere on the website? that might help me make some park decisions in November also.

Yes, the data on the TP website. For example:
On Sunday 8/23, ave. wait for FEA is 51 min, but Saturday 8/22 it was 40 min
On Sunday 8/23, ave. wait for Soarin is 42 min, but Saturday 8/22 it was 32 min
This is the image from Sunday’s data:

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thank you so much!

Sure thing, it’s always good to do some research on actual data.

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Thanks for bringing that up! I’ll have to keep an eye on it as we get closer to see if I need to make some adjustments.

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