Please Help! Split Stay or DVC Rental

Hi Liners. So using this wonderful website I have already started the planning and booking our May 2016 second ever WDW vacation. We are a family of 5 - dh, dw, 2 tween dd and ds 6. This is my first time posting a question so pardon if I ramble too much… Super excited but so overloaded with information I was wondering if you could help with our problem.
I had it all worked out for a split stay at AOA for 4 nights (kids love the theming and space) and POR for 3 nights (husband loves keeping his money and the not soo much theming of Finding Nemo :wink: ), using hopefully a RO discount when released and no DDP. My parents (in their late 60s) were invited and have now decided to join us. And bonus they have offered to pay for our tickets.:blush: Long story short I feel so bad that they will be at POR while we are at AOA for four nights that I looked into DVC rental points for a 2 BR Villa at AK Kidani through DVC Rental Store. Kind of on a whim thinking No Way! Sure enough they came through and looks like one is available about the same cost of my parents at POR for the week and us doing a split stay…
So questions finally

  1. I know everyone’s different but would you do it? Should I cancel my RO reservations and book through DVC rental store? I have read everything so I understand the risk. However I really can’t find anyone who went there and ended up with no room. Should I look somewhere other than here or DIS boards forum? Has anyone had a problem with reservation?
  2. I already purchased travel insurance (Travelex) and was thinking I would definately have my mom and dad purchase a policy for themselves. Would one of their names have to be on the rental agreement for an insurance claim to go through if they needed to cancel? Or should we do one policy that covers us all? I will be calling the insurance company on Monday but just wondering if anyone knew.
  3. Lastly my father does have some limits walking wise. Are DVC rentals able to make room requests like close to pool, and/or elevator?
    Thank you soo much for any help!

Hi there @disneymomma2016!

A split stay is an awesome way to explore different resorts at Walt Disney World, however some people (like yourself) can understand the inconvenience of moving around from resort to resort in the middle of your stay, especially if you have relatives somewhere else. Ultimately you will have to decide where you want to stay, but I can surely offer my two cents about some of the resorts.

I stayed at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort close to right after it opened in April of 2013. It is a totally immersive experience into Disney and Pixar films. We stayed in a Cars Family Suite, and loved the themeing of the courtyard and the Cozy Cone Pool. I have also visited Disney’s Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter on a separate occasion and absolutely loved it. The whimsy of New Orleans combined with lush landscaping in the courtyards are absolutely gorgeous. It is also a relatively small resort, but not too small that it feels loud and noisy.

One. Being a DVC Member, I can highly recommend the Disney Vacation Club resorts. The amount of space you receive in any of the villas is unprecedented compared to the regular resorts on Disney World property. I have not yet stayed at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas - Kidani Village, but everyone whom I have talked to who are DVC Members there absolutely love it there. Seeing the animals just roaming outside your resort room seems to be quite the awesome experience! No matter which DVC Resort you choose, the 2-bedroom villas generally feature at least one queen bed, one king bed, one full-size sleeper sofa and one queen-sized sleeper sofa. As with the third-party renting services, you have to understand that whenever you rent there is always a risk. It’s good to do your research and see which online renter has the best reviews. I would recommend checking out David’s DVC Rental as he is pretty well known for a positive renting experience.

Three. Once the reservation is made by your renter in your name and you have obtained the confirmation number, you can easily use TouringPlan’s online room-request service to request exactly the room that you want!

Thank you @AnomalousAnderson I appreciate your response so quickly and I gladly take your two cents :grinning:
I do love the theming of AOA and POR but the idea of staying at AK villa for the same cost just seems too good to be true… Oh decisions, decisions.
Thanks again! I will be checking into David’s Rental next.

Do it! I know your children love AoA but trust me AKL will become their new favorite! It has an amazing pool, and daily cultural events. The first time you walk into the lobby you will be hooked! I have stayed at POR many, many times- stay at AKL, you will not regret it. Also, do you rely on Disney transportation? AKL transportation is so much easier, faster and dependable (much smaller resort, so many fewer people using it).

I’ll give my vote to AKL too.

DH will like the theming (I can’t imagine anyone not liking it) since it isn’t over the top in a kid-like way. The kids will love it because it’s just great.

We’re hoping to buy a resale DVC for AKL in the not too distant future. That’s my best endorsement for staying there.

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I would do AKL. Although disney does a good job of moving you - a split stay is still a bit of a pain. I haven’t rented - but was going to via Dave’s rentals. For me the bigger things it to make it easy for everyone. I am like your husband and always keep an eye on the $$ - but sometimes the convenience and experience is worth the $$

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Thank you everyone for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate it! :blush:
I still have some more research to do on the travel insurance but I think AK is looking better and better.

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We very rarely get travel insurance - however with renting points that does make sense as you can’t get your money back once you make the reservation.

I always get insurance because we travel from New England in winter each year. Paid off in spades last year when the blizzard hit home and we had to extend our Disney vaca by 3 days! The policy we had covered the hotel, meals and transportation costs up to a certain amount each day, per person.

Definitely call, as planned, and know what is covered and what is not based on the policy you purchased.

Probably the easiest thing for your parents to do would be purchasing their own policy to cover whatever they think they may want covered.
I’ve rented DVC points for the last 4 trips and once the reservation is confirmed, there’s no risk that I’m aware of.

Thank you @davidtyost and @disney1974.
I actually have never bought trip insurance either until this vacation. However, with the airfare, the children and parents health luck and not to mention around us high chance there could be a snowstorm in May :smile: I felt the need to be prepared. As for the risk of the dvc rental I have seemed to have finally quash the fear of being roomless :wink:
Thank you again!

I vote for going though DVC Rental Store too! I’ve booked through them twice and will probably never plan a Disney vacation any other way! They will check availability and essentially confirm your reservation before you have to put money down so you can do that and then cancel your RO reservation so you won’t be out double the money for any period of time. I also like how you can pay it off over time with no penalty/interest.

Thank you for responding. I actually am excited because I just sent the availability deposit…so fingers crossed their is still availability :relaxed:
Actually do you happen to know if when I cancel my RO reservation if I will lose my ADR’s that I was up very early for this morning to do :smirk: Just curious
Once again thanks for your help!


Good question about the ADRs. My initial reaction was “no”…but you made them 180 days out because you had a confirmed Disney hotel reservation… Best advice I can give is to call Disney dining. Explain that your dates haven’t changed, but your hotel reservation did. It may just need to get linked to your new confirmation number. Red tape…

Keep us posted!