Please help planning

I have found that longer trips are more difficult to plan. If you had no ticket restrictions and arrived at 1pm on a Saturday and left at 6pm 15 days later-essentially making it 15 “days”, 4 parks, 2 water parks and one universal day. How would you split it. I would like to do 4 different 1/2 days at water park but can go to DTD, resorts, or hotel for other 1/2 of the day. After first 3 days all parks are listed as 1’s. What would you do? Thanks

My initial thought is to make it 2 Universal days - so much to do there with the two HP areas now, so 1 day really doesn’t cut it.

Been to universal twice already for multiple days each time. Pretty much done with it. Only going again because still have pass. but thank you for the idea

Bunch of questions for you. When you say “arrive” and “depart” do you mean to/from your resort or the airport? How wiped out from traveling will you be on arrival day? Do you want to take afternoon breaks, or power through the day? Also, what are your actual dates?

Also, will you have a car or are you relying on WDW transportation? Any “must dos” to work around?

Ok and thank you. Plane takes off 6:55 am Aug 29 and arrives Mco 12:55. No car. I don’t drive. This will be 4th trip in a year. First 2 were 4 days WDW and 3 days at RPH Uni. April this year was 7 days WDW. I definitely do early and then back to hotel. Will go out again if something is interesting but don’t have to go back every night. Would be happy for instance doing a park till 1 or 2 pm back to hotel and then out for a couple of hours. Not real big on shows but admit I had an accident this winter so while I was able to walk roughly 60 miles in April I have to keep this in mind. Mostly looking for what park would you do on each day not really which rides ( I have odd tastes) Aug 29 to Sept 2 at All Star Movies and then 9-2 to 9-12 at PoP. Expect bus to airport to pick up at 3 pm ish. I have all sorts of ADRs but only two places I really really want are Beaches and Cream ans Sanaa and I have several ressies so it can fit into whatever I decide. Lastly I’m traveling solo. Thanks again for input

How about one of the tours? Two weeks solo is a lot of time to fill. Even one of the free tours like the kitchen tour at AKL. They let you sample a couple of things from Boma and Jiko. Evening animal viewing as well. I keep wanting to do the Chip & Dale campfire at FtW but we never seem to find the time.

The kitchen tour sounds great. I did KTTK two visits ago and Backstage Magic last visit. I’m not sure the campfire would be good solo.

Yea I guess that would depend on a lot on how you feel about being solo lol. Maybe take in a few movies under the stars at the various resorts? With that many park days I’d probably structure one formal day at each with a TP and then probably wing it after that. Decide the day before and book my FP’s for the next day. Or if you’re really brave just play bus roulette and hop on the first one to arrive. Also you could try the four parks in one day…

Such a broad canvas; one larger than I have ever had (7 days was my longest) - and perhaps more than I would know what to do with…
You’re talking 12 RDs; theoretically 3 at each park. Personally, I would try to line as many of them as possible with AM EMH, knowing that I would probably be leaving around noon. I would probably cycle through each park twice (different park each day), and leave the last 4 more or less “unplanned” and see what I wanted to go back for.

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The broad canvas is what has me stumped. I will be at a RD each day. I would be twitching if I was in bed when there was a low crowd opening. Much more likely to leave parks on early side. Definite afternoon breaks. Figure my ‘break’ days will be the water parks. I don’t do the slides but love the lazy river. I am a planner so not having one is disquieting. However, I do have 6 anytime FPP waiting for me because of issues last trip

Given the relatively low crowd levels predicted, and as you are not interested in the slides, going to a “big” park in the AM and a water park after lunch might be a good approach.

Oh, @Outer1 and everyone who hasn’t gone to Chip ‘n’ Dale’s campfire sing-a-long, I encourage you to give it a shot.

First time we went, we hit Trails End takeaway for fried chicken and fixin’s. Caught the bus and ate a little picnic dinner in an empty CnD’s amphitheater. The character interaction was great, the sing-a-long is fun and the s’mores pit pretty good.

ETA: Solo, it just depends on your personality/mood, I guess. I’m a dork and therefore would sit on a splitlog bench and sing “B-I-N-G-O” just for the heck of it.

My DW enjoys it so much I had to schedule our HDDR around being able to walk to the bus and make it to CnD in time.

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15 ticket days solo seems like a lot on one hand, but dreamy on the other! I’m interested in knowing what your “odd tastes” in rides. I were alone I would spend lots of time people watching while eating ice cream/sipping adult beverages. 4WP days +1Universal leaves 9 days… 3-4MK and then 5 left for the other parks. (Which I guess is what is so “broad”!) Looking forward to what others have to say. Have fun!

The price was too good to pass up and my annual pass will expire the day after I leave, I had to use it. Ummmm “odd tastes” well unlike most people I don’t like Buzz Lightyear, am just ok with 7DMT. Only ride I like in Animal Kingdom is KS and of course the trails, EE is ok. Love MS orange and I love TSMM. While in general I like rollercoasters I have found as I get older I don’t like being jerked around, also I have to be careful I don’t hit my knee up against anything-that will cause extreme pain. One of the ironies of this is that until my first trip last Sept, I hadn’t taken a vacation in the previous 14 years (Jan 2000 to Europe). I am trying to wrap my head around meandering thru the parks but have been less than successful

It was fun to think about what I would do with 15 days! How fun! If it was me - I would do two days at Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom and three at Magic Kingdom - rope drops. Then on your Water Park days or in the evenings you could leave that time unscheduled to wander back to any park and use your anytime FPP. I really love Epcot and MK at night. Or you could do resort touring in the evenings as well.

Great, but which days would you do which park? I keep tripping myself up. Right now I have a TP for 8/29 arrival dayat MK, Sun 8/30 AK, Mon 8/31 TL or HS or both then I freeze

Ok - here is what my plan would be:

Arrival Day - MK
8/30- AK
8/31 - Typhoon Lagoon
9/1 - Epcot
9/2 - HS
9/3 - Blizzard Beach
9/4 - MK
9/5 - AK - maybe do the kitchen tour this day as well
9/6 -HS
9/7 - Water Park
9/8 -Universal
9/9 -Epcot
9/10 - Water Park
9/11 - MK
9/12 - Decide that morning - what is the last fix that you want before the plane ride?

I was trying for a good mix of water park breaks and mixing the parks around. It is hard since I am sure you want to accommodate your ADRs as well. If you feel you need a plan - I would plan your morning and leave the evenings to be spontaneous in the evening. The wonderful thing about two weeks is that you can be relaxed and more spontaneous - plus you have the 6 anytime FPP that you could use for the evenings.

I would do at least one evening EMH at Magic Kingdom. We did that our arrival day even though we’d been up for 24 hours and it was really the highlight of our trip.

Thank you This makes a great starting point. Will definitely use it as a solid base with one or two tweaks Yeah can start getting excited again.

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