Please help me with my MNSSHP Plan for Sun. 10/6

I’m glad I saved this plan for last because it’s driving me insane - I thought parties were supposed to be fun?!?
I hope I’m posting this link correctly:

We are 3 (hopefully 4 if she gets the night off) adults touring. DD has done this party multiple times without any type of plan & my friend is a fly by the seat of her pants type of person as well. Me - well I’m here aren’t I - you all get it! I have to at least have an idea of what I’m doing.

I put detailed notes in each step to explain why something was done a certain way. I also chose relaxed walking to accommodate bathroom breaks or in case my friend sees something shiny, lol.

I’m unable to optimize my plan because 1- TP insists I can use my HM FP after 6:30pm, it puts my shopping break (Casey’s Splash) at 4:40, has us riding POTC before the party & MILF when it’s closed between 6 & 7). So basically I think steps 1 thru 7 should stay the way they are, but as usual I’m second guessing everything.

I don’t have much free time today, I’m working my second job later (need that Disney money!)
and won’t have access to TP probably until after 11pm but do know that I will check as soon as I get home and will be extremely grateful!

Cadaver Dans appeared near the shooting gallery, standing in the “road.” No need to arrive early, just walk up and claim a spot. It seemed like it was a small group of people who stopped to watch this past Friday the 13th.

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@darkmite2 If you have extra time at your “boring desk job” can you take a look at this?
Please see original message & link

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THANKS!! You have no idea how nice it was to see this post when I got to work. I appreciate the trust with your plan. Plus, I had nothing to do this morning. I have notes, but I’ll post the TP link first as I’m sure that’s what you’ll be most excited to see -

Here are my thoughts / notes –

It’s just impossible to do everything WDW offers during MNSSHP in one night. They plan it this way to disperse crowds and get people to come to multiple nights. (Especially with the new Unlimited party pass sold this year). Meeting unique or special Characters can be a whole night in itself. Often trying to meet Jack & Sally can take up most, if not all, of the night.

In your plan you wanted to start your day at 4:15pm w/ Tinkerbell. I duplicated this by forcing a break to start the TP . However, have you given yourself enough time to go through the tapstiles & then get your party wristband? I see you say you want to arrive at 3:30pm, but I’d advise getting to the entry at 3pm or earlier and waiting – like a RD to make this happen. If this were a middle of the week party you could probably arrive about 3:30pm, but I’m concerned about having enough time on a Sunday.

I made sure all your FPP, especially the “6 pm” HM, were done in the allotted times. (They cut off the FPP at 6pm to kick non-party participants out ASAP)

I used Big Top Treats as the locale for Big Top shopping. It’s in the same area. The TP walking map doesn’t seem to display “step 4”, but does calculate the walking time.

If you want to cut something to do more Magic Shots / Shopping / M&G. I’m going to suggest PoC. It’s a ride I love too. However, and I’ll my opinion spoiler-free, the “overlay” is IMHO very underwhelming

Please, feel free to give me feedback. I know you won’t see this until I’m probably fast asleep tonight. However, I’ll have time on Thursday to tweak anything.

I’m glad I could oblige! I felt kinda funny about asking directly so THANK YOU.
We don’t have anything else planned for the Sunday, except maybe something in the morning, not park related so getting there for 3pm shouldn’t be a problem.

Initial thoughts - the only problems with this plan are 1 - MILF closes at 6pm for the overlay so we have to see the show before that. Also, the Magic Shots don’t begin until 7pm so I can’t get any of that stuff done before the party as much as I would like to. Basically steps 1-4 need to be: Tink, MILF, 7DMT, HM. I can’t do the magic shots after we ride because they won’t be open yet and none of those characters will be out yet. (I’m kinda obsessed with HM, so hopefully I can get at LEAST one of them).

As I was working/“day” dreaming at work last night I realized the following: The Cadaver Dan’s performance is pretty much spot on from where we want to watch the parade from, so maybe I can fit them back to back?

I thought of doing Space Mtn & the dance party around the 9:15 parade because hopefully less crowds?

As for POTC - I’m okay with skipping it but I’m not sure the others are at this point so I’m trying to include it. It’s always best if I put it in the plan with the note “we can skip this” if they do want to.

Again, thanks SO MUCH! I wish I had more time, I know I will after this weekend.

No worries. My afternoon is slow, but I have a couple things I have to do before I leave work. If I get it all knocked out ASAP, I’ll look at it again. Otherwise, I’ll get to it either tonight or again at work in the morning. =)

Super glad to help!!

OK… I couldn’t resist working on it!!

I moved MILF to before 6pm as requested. The issue is trying to do all the extras like a bunch of Magic Shots or getting that special “limited time only food item”. Plus, someone is going to need to pee at some point! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Let me know your thoughts about TP 2.0

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I still haven’t been able to modify my Tink to 3:30, but the 3:10 & 10 minute grace period and maybe our puppy dog eyes if necessary if we don’t make it in time will help.

I think this gives us a decent plan to use and we can modify some things with the extra time built in if necessary.

Every time I mention making plans DD rolls her eyes loud enough to hear across the room. I haven’t been able to see my friend in person due to our work schedules, but I’ll see her this weekend. She has an AP, goes several times a year (was just there in July, already has plans to go for a week around Thanksgiving and also going around Christmas) so it’s not like she will be disappointed if she misses something, so we are going to focus more on the party stuff.

I was kinda getting crazy trying to fit in all the magic shots and I am just going to have realistic expectations and only do some. As for all those cute signs I see people holding, DD is a Graphic Designer so I’m sure she can easily Photoshop one of those cool signs I’ve seen others hold onto in our pictures or something. We’ll leave room for her magic in our own photos, lol.

DD and I will be visiting MK during the day later in the trip so we will hit all our MK favorites that day.

AND - DH is extremely jealous and wants to go at Halloween, he turns 50 the same year as WDW so I am pretty confident I’ll get to do this again :grinning:

Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate it, I was really stressing out. I hate to fly, and that’s how we are getting there. I haven’t flown in 8 years so I have that going on too.

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Seriously… I was glad to help! :grinning:

The first couple of times I used a Touring Plan, my family looked at me like I was crazy too. However, I’d been to WDW a few times before getting married & etc… w/out knowing about TP and experienced the chaos.

After they saw how much we got done and how it all flowed without any effort from them - they are hooked too. (They don’t want to do the planning, but they love TP)

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I always thought I was the crazy Disney planner in the family. While my kids were making fun of me and my laminated spreadsheets my cousin @ejj showed me that he in fact was the true master of Disney planning in the family and introduced me to Touring Plans. We never knew we had this in common and honestly it’s brought us closer together.
The first time I used it, my family thought I was completely insane and openly mocked me. Since I was doing so much planning on my computer pre-trip DH nicknamed Liners the DNN (Disney Nerd Network). They are now all true believers and acknowledge that mom does in fact know best. They still love mocking me though, lol.
My DD did the DCP in the fall of 2017 after graduating college & had a sweet gig working Festivals at Epcot (F&W & Holidays). She didn’t have insane hours so she enjoyed a lot of park time. She knows her way around pretty well (unlike myself who needs a map for everything) and is used to just doing whatever appeals to her at the time.
She did sit down and go over stuff with me, but while I obsess over all this, she doesn’t have a care in the world about it!

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Looks like a very sensible doable plan with lots of time left for each step, and an expert use of FP. And yes, FP time ends at 6pm. You should rock this! You’ve got lots of time after the parade before the midnight show. At that time, most lines are short, so you may be able to squeeze in a ride or two if you want. Enjoy!!