Please help me with ADR decisions

Our trip is about a month away and I keep going back and forth with our plans! I had heard that shorter trips can be more difficult to plan and I think that is what I am finding. It me, DH, DS14, DS11, DD7. We are staying at Pop.

So I have made final calls on some of it… we have 2 park day hoppers and 1 MVMCP day.

Our first day we plan to RD HS. We will eat breakfast at Woodys lunchbox and lunch at 12pm Sci Fi (thanks @Tate for your prophetic words in another post of mine where you simply wrote “do not give up this ADR yet”. You were right, I switched some plans around and was so glad I had kept that Sci Fi!) Then we will hop over to MK with late EMH. So my first question is where to eat dinner? Should we do QS in MK? I have an ADR at Skipper Canteen for 6:45pm but am thinking with such short park time we shouldn’t do another TS? I have even considered going to WL to check out the tree and take a break there. Eat at WCC?

Next day is MVMCP. We plan to sleep in and the go to DS before the party. We have ADR for CRT at 4:45 (I know not ideal to eat at party but I guess it is before it officially starts and we really wanted to try CRT. DD is going to BBB in DS beforehand. She is 7 and completely into princesses right now so I had to indulge :wink:) So my question for this day is do we eat at Homecoming as originally planned? We have ADR for 12pm but could maybe switch it to 11am. I am worried we will be too full to even eat at CRT later.

Our last day is later start to AK. We have ADRs for breakfast at both Boma and TH! Which one do I choose?! Also I don’t know why but MDE keeps letting me make ADRs that overlap for some reason, even after I select the cancel reservation tab before making what I thought would be a replacement ADR. I am thinking TH to save travel time. We will have a car at this point though so could drive from AKL to AK. If we have room we will eat at late lunch at Satuli Canteen before leaving for UOR.

Thank you for any and all input!

My opinion, given that you have very limited park time -
1 - eat QS at MK
2 - do not eat at Homecoming
3 - eat at TH

If it was me, I’d only eat QS and wouldn’t waste any time on TS.

I agree with all three points that @missoverexcited gave, especially #3.

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Thanks for the feedback, but I have already paid for DDP on the room my DD and I are in. So we have 18 credits to use. So for better or for worse we are committed to some TS at this point!
I know we will need a break on our first day since we are planning to push through until we give out at MK! Sci Fi may be all we need. But I’m left wondering what will we eat later? Sleepy hollow for waffle sandwiches sounds intriguing. We have snack credits to use too. Or I thought about Contempo Cafe at some point (kids love sushi)
We will need to eat something before going to the party so if not Homecoming then QS at DS? Not too enthralled with the food choices at Pop or AoA.

Yes eat QS at DS, there are so many amazing choices - Blaze, D Luxe Burgers, Polite Pig, Wolfgang Puck Express to name just a few.

At MK I’d go for Pecos Bills, Columbia Harbour House or at a push Cosmic Ray’s. Casey’s is supposed to be good but I’m not a hotdog fan. I think Sleepy Hollow shuts early so you might want to check that before you set your heart on waffles! And you can’t use dining credits on them, except the strawberries and cream which is a snack credit.

We are not big eaters and have found that having both a TS lunch and dinner is usually too much. We once ate at Homecoming around 12:30, then kept pushing our Boma dinner back because we were all so full. I think we ended up at Boma around 9pm, and we still didn’t really enjoy it. When you park hop, you don’t want to be sweating getting there in time for an ADR. Same for going to Wilderness Lodge on the way to MK. It sounds like a fun idea, but in practice it’s a hassle, in my opinion. As much as you want to try all the fabulous TS restaurants, if you are rushing around and full all day, it’s not any fun.

With that being said, I think that starting your last day with breakfast at Boma (driving to AKL) wouldn’t be so bad. I really enjoyed Boma breakfast, but TH is good also. If you’ve never been to AKL, then it’s really cool to check out. It depends on how much time you have to eat somewhere less convenient that day.


TS at MK if you want an alcoholic drink. Yes 2 TS meals is lots of food, but you have the credits, you can always share 3 meals at homecoming. Tuskers as one less bus ride, but Boma gives you the chance to see AKL

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Canceled reservations do sometimes still show up, but they are canceled on Disneys system, sometimes the only to check is to call

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Yes splitting credits is what I was planning. Since we get apps, meal, and dessert then 3 meals will feed 5 of us for sure. We can always order a kids meal if needed to supplement. We seemed to not be enthralled with the QS last time. We ended up spending a lot of time deciding and getting food and not sitting in a comfortable spot. Except for AK, everyone loved AK! Even at food and wine, the food was great but then we were eating on top of garbage cans for lack of tables!
So far I have SciFi 3, Homecoming 3, CRT 8 (pay for 1 kids OOP), and Boma 4 (pay 1 kids OOP)
Does that look right?
Also I still need somewhere to eat for dinner at MK or we can just eat on the go. I guess it’s good to not completely plan everything out and just see how we feel!

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