Please help me decide which order to try to get ADRs in

I am about 1 month from ADR day, and this is my list of ADRs that I am planning to try for:

  1. Be Our Guest dinner (day 10 of trip)
  2. California Grill dinner (day 6 of trip)
  3. Be Our Guest PPO breakfast (day 4 of trip)
  4. Garden Grill PPO breakfast (day 5 of trip)
  5. Be Our Guest PPO breakfast (day 11 of trip)
  6. Yak & Yeti dinner (day 2 of trip)
  7. Teppan Edo dinner (day 7 of trip)
  8. Hollywood & Vine Fantasmic! breakfast (day 3 of trip)
  9. Raglan Road lunch (day 6 of trip)
  10. Restaurant Marrakesh dinner (day 5 of trip)
  11. Rose and Crown lunch (day 9 of trip)
  12. Liberty Tree Tavern lunch (day 7 of trip)

This is my first attempt at the order, but I’d love your advice about that. I may end up dropping one or two of these, but I’d like to have that option, rather than scrambling to try to get something. If you also have thoughts about which you might drop I’m interested in hearing that as well.

It will be me and my 17 year old son. He’s a pretty good eater and likes to try new things. He also likes characters. The California Grill dinner is a celebration for him. I think he would enjoy some shows at meals.

I’d do

BOG day 4
GG day 5
CG day 6

And then in date order. H&V may not be available at 180 days, sometimes the packages aren’t released until nearer the time.


I agree!