Please help me decide on AP

My DH and kids and I are visiting the park in January. Now my mom wants to go on a girl trip with my DD and me and my sis sometime after January. Sadly, flights from Seattle are SPENDY but if I can make AP save enough money on dining and lodging on both trips, I can justify it. So, tell me dear pretend friends, what kind of discounts will I see as AP holder? Thank you!!!

Are you looking for hotel/dining or various other discounts?

With the AP you will have access to purchase the TIW card (here’s a comparison of the dining discounts between DVC/AP/TIW: Based on how we dine at WDW, we get the TIW card and save $$. It usually takes us 2 trips to break even and then after that everything else is a bonus.

There are hotel discounts that I have used for POP. Usually saved me about 20% off the room, but that’s hit-or-miss because you can’t plan too far in advance because the discount isnt usually released early.

I think there is merchandise discounts at well. 10% I think?

I just got an annual pass and I did not find it overly great price-wise. However, you do not have to get annual passes for everyone in your party. There are limits on how large a dining party is but I think it is rather large. Parking is $20 normally but free with the pass. Merchandise is usually 10% off. They increased the discount in the beginning of October but I am not sure if that had to do with Hurricane Mathew or not. You will have to check but I think that Memory Maker can also be used with a group but the person with the pass would have to be present during the pictures to have their band scanned. So you could possibly save a lot of money with a single pass but the person would have to be there for parking and be the one to pay for discounted food or merchandise. --If you stay off site, be sure to check out the local Walmart, Target, Walgreens and big grocery store chains for merchandise. They sell Disney related merchandise for a lot less!