Please help me choose... this week or that week in July

  • July 3-9, 2021 (currently booked)
  • July 11-17, 2021 (only going if special offer is available)

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As titled… Which week will be better in terms of the crowd issue? I am currently booked for July 3-9. If new summer promotion drops, I don’t know if I should change due to 4th of July crowd…

Background info: it will be my family’s first time visiting an Epcot festival. We usually go in late July/early August when there was usually none. We have never celebrated 4th of July at WDW. I don’t even know if anything special will be going on at WDW. I don’t know if it would be foolish for me to go during July 3-9.


Which festival would you prefer? Flower and Garden or Food and Wine?

Good question. They both are the same to my family since we have never attended any festival. We do like to try different food though. We don’t drink so wine is out of the equation.

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The “wine” part of the Food and Wine Festival isn’t any more prevalent than at any other festival. The main difference between the two festivals is the ambiance, in my opinion. The F&G is heavy on nature with great gardens and topiaries, while the F&W is mostly about the food and entertainment. I don’t think they’ve announced any entertainment yet for this year’s F&W but since they dropped “A Taste of” from the name, I hope they plan to have a more traditional line up of concerts.

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I would choose Flower and Garden myself. But I love flowers and whatnot.

I wouldn’t count on festive for the 4th, but I’d be hopeful.

We’re going 7/5 - 7/14 so we just miss both festivals :cry:

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