Please give me the full information on Express Unlimited tickets when staying onsite

If I book onsite at a delux, is there anything special you have to do to claims your Express Unlimited pass? Do I need to call Universal or the hotel first. From my understanding, I can buy regular tickets, from discounters and also book hotel from discount sites. Is this correct? If we check in Friday night and check out Monday morning, can I use the Express pass for Saturday and Sunday? I thought I read somewhere, the passes were only given out for your check in and check out days.

The passes are for every day you are there, including check in and check out day. So we only stayed Tues night, but had Express Pass for Tues and Weds. You would be able to use it Fri- Mon inclusive.

Once you check in, you will be given a room key (temporary if your room is not ready) and they will direct you to a kiosk where each person gets their Express Pass. You use the room key so you don’t even need to have your tickets at that point.

Yes, you can book your hotel stay and tickets wherever you like. It doesn’t affect your eligibility for an Express Pass. That comes with the stay regardless of how you booked it.

they are - in a word - AWESOME!!!
I got my tickets via Undercover tourist and had no problem
You can use the tickets on Check in / Check out days and all days inbetween
Once you have checked in at the front desk - you simply go to the Express Pass kiosk near the front desk - put in your room key, it takes a picture of you and prints out a paper pass. DONE!
This is what you use for express pass lane.

So when you enter the park you will have your Room key, your park pass, your Express pass.

I was the keeper of everything. and kept in a little pouch. Once inside the park you don’t need your room key or your park pass - so they went into the backback for the day. I kept the Express pass handy so I could pull them out whenever. Also had a ziplock plastic bag so they wouldn’t get wet (both from the water rides and me on the scary rides (just kidding)).

Simple and easy. Universal does it right!!

Best thing is - you don’t have to plan ANYTHING. There are a few rides that they are not honored on (Gringots, Fantasic journey Kong and a few other things) but it is awesome.


Kong has had Express Pass since August - about 2 days after we got home!

It can’t be used on Forbidden Journey, Escape from Gringotts or Hogwarts Express.

Usually when a new ride opens, you can’t use it in that for a while. I think a couple of rides are due to open this year so that might be relevant.

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Thanks for all the responses! It seems so easy, I kept thinking that I must be missing something. Glad to know I’m not.

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I remember thinking the same thing! But, nope, it’s that easy and that AMAZING! :grinning:

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So the cool (or not cool) thing with Universal.

You get express by PAYING for it or staying in a Top Tier Resort. And they limit the number of people that can get them so that they actually keep a value. LOVE that you don’t have to plan. You are not missing anything - it is easy and no planning. Great thing is - you can keep re-riding rides - we did MIB 3 times in a row no problem with them