Please explain MK TP placement of Carousel of Progress

Hi - I have the following plan for this Saturday at MK. I am confused as to why it would place the Carousel of Progress ride in the middle of several Fantasyland attractions, and how it could possibly be such short walking times to and from that ride. Please explain if I am missing something. Thanks!
Here is the link to our customized plan:

What have you selected on the “Waiting vs. Walking” slider? I believe “Minimize Waiting” will cause things like this to happen.


I have “minimize walking” and “relaxed speed” to be safe. Very strange…could it be a glitch in programming?

There are several other walk times that look strange here, for example 9 minutes to go from PPF to Dumbo. You should e-mail the plan URL and ask them to take a look at it.

Thanks! Will do!

Agreed with emailing the webmaster. I was asking the settings of the slider based on a comment Len made in the comments section of this blog post:


It is strange that step 6 “Prince Eric’s Village Market” it isn’t even shown on your map. Maybe it doesn’t know exactly where it is, because it says you’ll need 6 minutes to walk from Barnstormer to Price Eric’s but only 3 to get from there to Carousel of Progress, which is a longer distance.

It was strange the market didn’t show up, but when I removed that snack stop, it still showed 9 mins walk to Carousel from Fantasyland, which seemed optimistic at a “relaxed” pace. I ended up rebuilding the whole itinerary from scratch. Ugh. I leave tomorrow so just trying to get organized!

I’ve read a lot of people’s TPs posted to the forum, and I frequently see walking times that just seem out of line. Splash to Buzz in 5 min on a CL9 day? I don’t think so. And even with “balanced” wait/walk and walking speed, I’ve been told to do crazy criss-crossing of the parks. I always have to do a lot of manual adjusting to make a TP that seems logical. I have come to find that TPs are a good “strategy”, but if you try to use them as a minute-by-minute “schedule” you’ll drive yourself crazy.