Please explain early entry rope drop like I'm five :)

Maybe 3… I haven’t been since 2016.

How does early entry work now? We are staying on property, so were planning to get there 30 min before early entry, but how do you not get mixed up with non resort people? I don’t want to not realize and be standing around like a dork.

And if they let people into the park but to like the ‘2nd gate’, is that just resort people or is it everyone, and if everyone, how do you get past all of them for entry?

Thank you!

There will be a line for resort guests and a line for day guests.

At AK they let everyone through (resort and day) and sort you out just past the tapstiles, scanning everyone then for proof of on-site guest.

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At Magic Kingdom, everyone (on and off site) can get through the taps. Once you walk down Main Street, there are staff near Tomorrowland (on the right) with signs for on-site guests. They scan you and your party into that section and there are two spots that people can wait until the rope drops - either on the Tomorrowland bridge or the bridge before the Cheshire Cafe.

At Hollywood Studios, only on site guests can tap into the park early.


I thought that was the case at MK but wasn’t sure.

I knew that HS has completely separate lines at taps

What about EP? I can’t remember that at all…

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Mk- everyone is let in together and there is a check innspot by the entrance to Tomorrowland for resort guests.

Epcot- everyone is let in then reort guest are scanned once past the taps.

Hs- scans everyone before the taps and forms separate lines.


This is how it works at MK. I don’t remember the exact spot that resort guests are sectioned off, but it is something like this. There are clear signs about entrance for resort guests.


Thank you!

For International Gateway at EP is it the same? Everyone scans in, then there are signs for resort guests?

Am i right in feeling like it will be obvious? Im managing a group of 7 who have never been before, for the most part, so I’m feeling some stress to make it as smooth as I can.


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Yes, same at Epcot IG, everyone scans in at taps and then resort guests scan again to begin lining up. I would estimate that 70-80% will line up in France for Remy’s (the line can easily spill over into the UK before doors are opened) and the rest heads towards Canada and is held there - when the rope drops, some will head towards Soarin/TT and some will continue walking to FEA in Norway.

If you want to be right at the front of the pack to be in a good position for walking on to headliners (Remy, FoP, RotR and 7DMT), plan to leave your hotel 90 min before EE starting time (which usually gets you to the front of the park around 60 min before EE when taps/security open). If you plan on buying ILLs/getting G+ and LLs for those headliners or riding them at park close, then you can take a more leisurely approach, arriving 10-20 min before EE and - depending on crowd levels - you should still have shortish (10-15min) waits for popular second tier rides like PPF/SM at MK, MMRR/MFSR/ToT at DHS, FEA/Soarin at Epcot, and anything besides FoP at AK.

For MK, also keep in mind that there are essentially two rope drops. Once EE finishes, they open Adventure/Frontierland, so if you line up at those bridges (or in Fantasyland near the Tangled toilets area) at regular open time after you’ve done your first 1-2 rides at EE, you can RD either Jungle Cruise or BTMR. Pirates will still be a walk-on (or near walk-on) immediately after either of those two rides.

Good luck!


I tried to post a link to a TP Instagram post about HS RD but had a problem. If you go to their instagram page and find the RD post from March 16 with stormtroopers in the photo, there is some helpful info, including a map showing where EE guests can tap in.

After your excellent sorting question,
@TarzansMama , the quote above is the next most important. Maybe.

It is important to us as we appreciate the cooler weather really early and often being the only ones on the bus. We also really like the fewer folk for our fav attractions.

If we want the 7 am (approx) bus for an 8:30 opening we will arrive at a bus stop by 6:55.

I don’t know if there is an 8 am opening at a park, but if there was, we’d be at the bus stop by 6:15. I’ve heard that busses are meant to run every 20 min starting on the hour.

Good luck!

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At MK, on the map the ropes are kinda where that AED thing is.
So you can shop on Main St. and hang out in front of the castle.

It’s been a year so I might be wrong but there is a bridge there that heads back to Fantasyland. You’d want to go that way to ride 7 Dwarfs first.

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100% this. 90 minutes is our rule as well.