Please critique my plan!

We will be coming mid-may with a group of 11 ( 7 adults, 4 kids-6,6,4,2) for our second trip. We are planning on Day 1-MK, Day 2-AK, Day 3 Rest, Day 4-MK, Day 5-Epcot.
This is our plan for MK Day 1…haven’t gotten any further than that!
I was able to get SDMT FP but it’s for 7pm but I don’t think we could do it at RD and make it there with our group. Struggling with skipping the ride altogether since we basically can’t get any other FP than the 3 original…
Last trip we did Fantasy and Tomorrow Land on the same day, but most of the plans pt Tomorrow and Frontier together so thought I would try that. I have riding the train from Fantasy to Frontier to give us a break right before the parade.
Let me know your thoughts and thanks looking!

I think its great!! You gave yourself a big enough break between SDMT and Happily Ever After to get a great seat for it. I’m interested to see the rest of your plans!