Please critique my overall itinerary for spring break trip

Here’s our overall plan for Spring break. We have 2 adults 2 teens 2 kids. We have a travel day (4-h drive to airport unless SW prices drop at the closer airport) on each side as we are going to stay near the airport the night before and night after our flights–as was nearly $1500 more to fly out of local airport.
Reasonable week or too much scheduled? The teens are night owls of course but they’ve agreed to RD 1x each park. I think relaxing at the hotel at night will be good for them as well as us. We decided to only do a few late nights. Day 5 is our resort day with DS for dinner (we aren’t big shoppers), but I am considering taking the 8 and 9 yo to HS for H&V breakfast, TSL, and Jedi Training and then return by noon to rest at resort before we go to DS. Will see how it goes.

yellow-at hotel, green=transportation, blue= parks, pink=other resort/DS meals, grey=at our resort/relax/sleep


Ambitious, but looks like a plan that I would create for myself (but I would probably add even more evening activities). Shouldn’t be a problem for adults and teens. You didn’t specify ages for the “kids”; if pre-teens probably OK, if under 10, it might be too aggressive - but you know your kids better than I do.

This looks pretty similar to my idea for our SB as well. Although we are doing midday breaks most days and no resort day (got vetoed by DH, but I pushed that we either needed midday breaks or a rest day, but that we wouldn’t last without either).

Anyone know of an iPad friendly spreadsheet app?

So, I’m realizing what I want is a spreadsheet that’s already created, that I can just plug my information into. Any suggestions? Anyone want to share?

I can’t open or make your spreadsheet bigger?

Its just an image of the spreadsheet.

Will you RD and then midday break and then back until after nighttime shows? My kids (8 and 9) won’t nap and 8 year old never rests or relaxes. He’s either on 100% or asleep, so a break for us would mean swimming or doing something outside park. So I don’t think late nights and early ams would work for us. I’ve considered breaks bc so many people swear by them. But if we want to be back at resort by 8-9 at latest, it seems to take up too much time unless it were a super hot time of year. To me, walking to front of park, then to bus, waiting for bus, traveling to resort, walking to room, and then reverse is tiring. How do breaks work for you?

I just use excel.

Thanks! We can always divide and conquer if some are dragging.

My kids will be 8, almost 10, 14, and 17 at trip time. The 8 year old may have more stamina than the other 5 of us combined.

I worry most about RD toward the end of the week. I considered only RDing HS and then MK on our last EMH day. To the teens (especially the 17 yo) getting up at 6 is the same as getting up at 9 :laughing:. If they can’t sleep until noon, it’s all getting up early so might as well enjoy the low crowds at RD. If they’d buy in and not stay up on phones all night, it would work

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My iPhone came with a pre-installed app called “Numbers”, which is a basic spreadsheet program. I’m sure there are any number of spreadsheet apps available…

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People swear by breaks, but it depends on the family. We did open to close, 7 days straight, with DD10 and DS6 - 2 days with EMH. There are type A people and then there is my family. We can’t imagine taking a trip to Disney and spending it at the hotel. That was November though - it may be different in the Summer with the temps.

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Looks pretty good to me, definitely something I would do. Except I don’t think I would have the discipline to leave the parks so early in the evenings, even though it’s a great idea and will certainly pay off !!! :smiley:

Respect. :open_mouth:

There are some of the night shows that DD really wants to do. We are early risers, but we’ve talked about that she’s going to need to rest to make it until then. Frankly, I think I’m the one who needs the rest break the most! Even when DH and I go by ourselves, I take an afternoon break :grinning:

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I know, on paper leaving early some days looks good!!! When I’m there, I always want to stay. We can always divide up and some can head home and others stay. We do have 2 nights of park close, 1 other late night out of park, and then the others are kind of early.

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Wow! That’s definitely not my family.
When we (and the kids) were a lot younger, DH & I would refer to us as “The Young and the Listless,”
Heat and crowds suck the life out of us. (maybe that’s why we live in MT? :grinning:)