Please critique my HS plan!

I’m having the hardest time planning my HS day for 4/25/22 and need some advice from all-knowing Liners!
Solo AP traveler staying on site, only one day at HS, first time using G+, but I have been on/seen everything before. So if I miss something, it’s not a huge deal. But this will be the last trip with an AP and am trying to fit everything in. Still undecided on whether I’ll pay for RotR at 7am. All input is welcome and appreciated!
7:30a Early Entry (planning to be nice and early, which isn’t a problem for me)
8am-9pm park hours
Here goes…

LLs: [trying to avoid return times between 12-4p (pool or meal break, or both) and after 8 (WWoA)]

  1. 7a SDD (hoping for a time around 7, I LOVE TSL in the evening, but want to leave time for 9p WWoA, even though it’s nothing spectacular)
  2. 10a ToT (for a second ride, willing to fit in anywhere)
  3. 12p TSMM (close to SDD return time)
  4. 2p or 2:32p drop- whatever may be available
  5. 4p or 4:32 drop- same as above

Plan outline:
Early Entry: ToT and RnRC
(ST or MV3D, if time)
9:30am Frozen Sing Along (Can do 4:30 show in place of Indy show if I don’t make it)
(ST or MV3D, if time)
11am Beauty and the Beast
(ST or MV3D, if time)
12-4pm BREAK (resort pool, HBD lounge, Primo Piatto are some ideas, depending on how much time I actually have and whatever appeals at the time)
4:30pm Indy show (or Frozen, if not done in the morning)
5-6pm ST or MV3D, if not done yet
7pm SDD and TSMM LLs
9pm WWoA

Does this sound doable and realistic? Anything I’m missing (not interested in doing any meet and greets or rides geared toward littles)? Advice on when best to do MMRR vs MFSR SR? Same question for ST and MV3D?

Thanks in advance, I don’t know why I’m finding this park so hard to plan or why it’s causing me so much anxiety :weary:

Your plan has a lot of flexibility built in, so I think you’ll do fine. What you don’t have in there explicitly, at least, is dinner.

Perhaps the biggest problem for you is…Genie+? That throws the unknown into the plan a lot, because you have no idea what you will or will not get, nor when. (This is quite possibly the biggest problem with G+…the fact that it makes it almost impossible to plan for!)

I’m a ‘one big meal a day’ kind of person at Disney, I eat breakfast in my room, pack a couple snacks and will likely grab one or 2 others throughout the day.
So, if that’s the only flaw (other than the unknown, which makes planning so frustrating!), I guess I’m good!
I don’t mind paying for ‘front of the line access’, I get that they’re a business looking to make as much $ as possible, I just miss being able to pick FP+ ahead of time.