Plaza or Skipper Canteen?

I have a TS dining credit to use on my last MK day. Any recommendations for Plaza or Skipper Canteen?

Alternatively, I can make this a quick service dinner and keep a Tusker house reservation on my Animal Kingdom day for this TS credit. My reasoning behind skipping Tusker House is that we’re already doing one character meal at Hollywood & Vine (to meet the entire Fab 5 and get the Fantasmic package). I don’t know if two character meals would be overkill…

What would you do?

I haven’t used the dining plan in 12 years, but I think Skipper’s Canteen is a good value on the Dining Plan while Plaza is not as good a value. Alternatively, Tusker House is a good dining plan value for lunch or dinner (breakfast, I am not so sure since it is somewhat cheaper).

I really liked both Skipper’s Canteen and Tusker House on my trip in June 2017. Both have good quality food and options for adventurous eaters. Since Tusker House is a buffet there should be something for even picky eaters. It may be more difficult to please picky eaters at Skipper’s Canteen.

I have not dined at Plaza yet, but I am planning on dining there in late May (my better half requested the lunch; he likes the sandwich options for that meal).

Skipper is my favorite restaurant on property. The food is EXCELLENT. Hands down choose Skipper, IMO.

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I went to Skipper Canteen in Sep 2014 when I think it hadn’t been open very long, but the food was really good and very different than anything else at MK. I seem to remember the kids choices were a little bit less kid-friendly if you have picky kids, but that might have changed over the years.

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Another vote for Skipper Canteen

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Two character meals is not overkill. I would vote for Tusker House - it will have much different food than your other character meal.

I was excited to try Skipper Canteen - and it was fine but I was not overwhelmed. I love the Plaza - it might be one of my favorite restaurants - I think just for sentimental reasons. I think it is so cute and it is a nice break in MK. But it isn’t the best value on the Dining plan.

I feel the same. Skipper Canteen gets great reviews but we didn’t really care for it. We eat at the Plaza every trip because it’s our favorite in MK.

We also liked Skipper Canteen. I’m thinking it was one of our favorites from last trip and we just added it somewhat randomly last minute. I haven’t had Plaza, but if I were planning an MK meal again, Skipper would be my go-to.

This is great, thanks! Sounds like Skipper is a winner and Plaza would be a good option too. I appreciate the advice.

We haven’t eaten at the Plaza but did really enjoy Skipper Canteen. I would definitely look over the menu if you have any picky eaters since it tends to be a little more exotic. I almost didn’t make the reservation because I just wasn’t sure we would like it. I got the steak and my son got the lamb chops. My steak was good but the lamb chops were excellent (and I would usually never think to order that). I thought it was a great use of the dining plan credits!

Keep Tusker House - it does not disappoint! Skip Skipper if you have a picky eater.