Plaza Garden Fireworks Timing Question

Good afternoon, dumb question, I am looking into doing the Fireworks Party with Plaza Garden Seating. If I understand correctly, you go into Tommorrowland Terrace for desserts, then prior to the Once Upon a Time projection show you are brought down to the viewing area in front of the castle. Is that correct? The start time for Happily Ever After is listed as 8:00 PM, does the projection show start at 8 followed by fireworks or does the projection show start around 7:45 and the fireworks start at 8? Final question, the reservation available time says 6:30 but the instructions say check in 75 minutes beforehand. Does that mean they want you checking in at 5:15? What if we want to knock out a few more rides and check in closer to 7:00 PM? Would that be allowed?

I haven’t been to Disney in 20+ years and taking our kids for the first time and want everything to go well so I appreciate your patience with these questions.

Once Upon a Time is a separate thing.

HEA is a projection show with fireworks. You’ll be brought down before it starts.

Not sure about the check-in time. The nearer to HEA you get, the harder it will be to get to the check-in, so you need to consider that. Hopefully others can chip in here.

It looks like you are right, on my Touring Plans dashboard it says that Once Upon a Time is at 7:30 and HEA is 8:00 PM. is the Plaza Garden available to those who book the dessert party for Once Upon a Time as well as the fireworks?

It was when we went but it was after the fireworks on our day. It will be roped off and they start bringing guests to the area a half hour at least before fireworks start. So maybe earlier since since Upon a Time is first. We got there late and it was difficult making our way through the crowds even with CMs leading the way. Do definitely get there early is my advice. Give yourselves time to relax and enjoy the food before going over to viewing area. I would get there at least by 6:30. Even earlier maybe better. I hear that they check in guests well before the time given on reservation.