Plaza at MK?

We are RD to close MK on day 2 of our trip and doing dinner at CRT before HEA with park close at 11 pm. I was looking for a lunch spot. Trying to decide between the Plaza and CS (CHH or Pecos Bill). The Plaza seems to have burgers and sandwiches and milkshakes!! for lunch. Is it decent? Relatively quick given the menu (out in 60 min)? Would it be a nice break? I’ve never been and haven’t heard much about it.

I’ll take Pecos Bill over just about anything else at MK

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We really enjoy The Plaza. Everything we’ve had is good and the milkshakes are delicious. It’s almost priced like a QS but we enjoy sitting down at an actual restaurant in the middle the day.

We’ve had Peco’s Bills but didn’t really like it. It was okay. Haven’t tried CHH.

ETA: you can definitely be in and out in 60 minutes. It’s never taken us that long to eat there.


I’ve been to most of the QS places at MK before and we liked CHH and PB the best. We also like BOG lunch and are going there a different MK day.

I was thinking Plaza for dinner but a lot of reviewers said that they waited 45-60 min to be seated.

Plaza is really pretty darned good.

Ugh, that would not be good. I don’t mind 15 minutes or so but an hour is too long.

We only waited 10 minutes on our visit there. It varies.

We are doing a PPO breakfast at the Plaza this year, but we did lunch there 2 years ago. I find all of the quick service as MK pretty below average, so I like the Plaza for the prices. However, it is a very small space so seating can take a while. We were seated in about 20 minutes.

I love the Plaza - I think it is a great break at MK - and I am not crazy about the counter service options there. But waiting time can vary. I would plan for about an hour and half. Two table service meals in a day can take up a lot of time on a park day. If you will be antsy - you might want to go with counter service.